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  • Do you use synthetic oil?

    I thought synthetic oil was suppose to be a good oil, and Im sure it is.

    I put synthetic gear lube in my t150 and it grinds as i shift and leaks from almost all the seals.
    Is senthytic not a good idea fot the trans?

    Thanks for any input.

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    I like the stuff...

    Myrtle runs it in her 150, Toolguy and she likes it. I've used two kinds, Royal Purple and Valvoline. I can't remember for sure which I stuck in the tranny but I'm pretty sure it was Royal Purple.


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      I've got synthetic75w 90w gear oil in all my boxes. no leaks. If it's causing that many problems change it back DP


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        right weight?

        Toolguy, are you sure you used the correct weight? On the seal leaks check this out:

        Q. Do synthetic lubricants cause seal leaks?

        A. NO. Defective seals cause seal leaks, not synthetic lubricants. Unfortunately, this myth is still being perpetuated today by people who know little to nothing about synthetic lubricants. Why is that when a seal leak develops when using dinosaur (petroleum) oil it's the seal's fault, but when a leak develops using synthetic lubricants the synthetic lubricant is the suspect? Synthetic lubricants are required to possess the same seal compatibility characteristics as today's dinosaur oils. Often car owners do not realize that they have a seal problem when using dinosaur oil. Dinosaur oil will often volatize or coke around a seal defect, leaving little to no evidence of a seal leak. Synthetic lubricants however possess a very high thermal stability and resist evaporation. These exceptional performance characteristics, coupled with synthetic lubricant's inherit "creeping" ability, will unmask a seal leak not readily visible before.



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          Good points made here guys.
          Im sure the seals are in need of being replaced.

          Well Im off to pull a trans.
          Thanks for the input!


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            For the record...

            Synthetics are pretty much the indusrty standard in trucking.

            If it keeps my 1700 ft/lb torque six cylinder humming nicely aftr a half million miles it can;t be all bad for Jeep huh?

            I put synthetics in my HArleys transmission and immediately noticed a difference in how it shifts. Was different as night and day.