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  • ignition module

    on my 83 cj i don't see a ignition module. the distrib looks like the same ole motorcraft duraspark ignition that i have had on all my cj's, but there is no module on the firewall. does the emissions computer control the ignition on this one. if so can you remove the computer and wire in a motocraft type module to the distrib. i am trying to eliminate the emmissions problems that i seem to be having with my 258 with out springing for hei...any suggestions???

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    never mind...should research more..

    was running out of daylight and in a hurry...must have never had a big washer res before...took the flashlight out and now i see the $%!$ thing....right there hiding underneath...
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      running much better now

      did the wiring bypass. now the module runs straight to the distrib. runs so much better that it ain't even funny. also noticed coming home from it ran alot cooler.

      another question tho...web site said set timming to 8' btdc. is that the best place to have it. haynes says 12' but i assume that is counting for the computer.

      another thing, according to the nutter bypass site, it talks about working on the the stepper motor on the carb...don't know what this is. would it have electrical leads going to it? my carb doesent have that, but no telling what the po did. most of the emmisions stuff had been bypassed. might not be original carb.


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        IF your carb has no wiring on the back of it then don't worry about it.

        8* is fine. Use a vacuum gauge to check for your best timing but I bet it will be withing +/- 1* of 8*.