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  • PTO Overdrive

    Hi there... I'm still a newbie, but I'm learning I have a 1957 CJ5 with a 225 v6... 3 speed original rebuilt transmission (i think)... AND an overdrive... This overdrive confuses me.... I'm not a mechanic but I'd like to learn. First I need to figure this overdrive out!!

    The overdrive has a shifter next to the gear shifter. It has two positions,"up and down", to put it simple All ive figured out is that when it's "down" the PTO winch works!! So what's happening when it's "up"???

    Also, would you consider a 1957 "vintage"

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    that should be a dana 18 transfer case - the overdrive you speak of should be bolted on to the back of the INPUT side of the transfer case. however, i didn't think you could have both the PTO winch and the overdrive, i thought they were mutually exclusive because they both bolt to the same place. when the switch is "down" the winch works, but is there still power to the axles? if so, are the RPM's any different with the switch up or down?

    with my limited knowledge of those years, and your particular jeep, i'm thinking it's just a PTO winch (which was available at some point) and not an overdrive.

    i have been wrong before.

    Lynn will probably chime in here soon, pretty knowledgeable on the pre-AMC jeeps. also check out - it's a good tech resource, i've learned a lot there.


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      Jason... I own a 59 cj5 with a rear pto. (also a built 79 cj7) However, in Shelby, Ohio, a long time ago, I stopped to look at a built flattie I saw in a yard. It had 2 extra shifters. I could not resist so I crawed underneith and sure enough...there was a pto shaft to the front and a pto shaft to the rear. The front one ran a winch and the rear one was just like mine. It was set up like a tractor pto shaft to run a mower, or whatever. The other gentleman was corect, though. If you have a pto (front or rear) you can not have an overdrive. Warn overdrives and every other kind i have seen, attach in nthe same place on the t-case as the pto. Of course, somewhere out there, someone has made some way to interupt the rear drive shafr with some kind if gizmo that could give you overdrive too. But after playing in and around jeeps for 50+ years, I have never seen it. Just my $.02 worth. Bill


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        Thanks for the input!! I think the guy I bought the jeep from didnt know what he was talking about...

        When the shifter is "down" the pto winch shaft turns. As i drive when the shifter is "down" the engine rpms go up, but i havent checked to see if the pto shaft is turning. I'll have to do some experimentation

        Another question, if anyone had any input... is it to my advantage to switch my oil pan air filter to a paper element filter. My engine runs excellent right now, and i've been told "if it aint broke, don't fix it"... what do ya think???


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          Im pretty sure you have a PTO. On a Dana18 transfer case. when engaged the jeep should drive like normal but the PTO is spinning, You should also have a low & high range on the transfer. You should be able to put the trans in gear, the transfer in neutral and still engage the PTO. Thats so you can use the post hole digger, fence strecher, or run a stationary pump. Or a PTO winch.