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    #1 Do you really need the charcoal canister and all of the check valve junk on the fuel system when doing a sbc conversion?

    #2 Is there a metering valve or something that connects the two rear brake lines and then goes to one line to the proportioning valve?

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    1. Depends on where you live, but I say yes.

    It does not hurt power nor economy, it prevents either pressure or a vacuum building up in the tank (either one could mean big trouble) and it keeps gas fuemes out of
    A. the passenger compartment where you sit and
    B. The astmosphere which you breath.

    (not trying to bust your chops or anything, just offering an opinion)

    2. It is just a "T" fiting located on the axle either as a seperate unit or as part of the rear brake hose depending on year the the P.O.


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      sbc & brakes

      When I did my 350 swap, I used the setup from the donor vehicle, but tracraym is right, make sure there is no pressure build up or fumes getting in the cab. The brake lines hook up to the flex line that runs from the frame to the axle. with a "T" on the axle housing, and the frame end goes forward to the proportioning valve, if you have one. some older Jeeps had a single resevore.


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        Thanks for the replies. Does anyone know where I can get the T fitting for the brakes?
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          80 cj5

          Sorry, didn't see it is an 80' just putting my 7 backtogether, for the 2nd time. let me know if ya need more help, I took pic's and drew sketches to help me remember where things go.


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            That's a good idea with the sketches and pics but I bought it in pieces.


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              Originally posted by HELLBOY
              Thanks for the replies. Does anyone know where I can get the T fitting for the brakes?
              The "T" is part of the rear brake line. Hard brake line runs along the frame and half way across the crossmember in front of the gas tank. A flexable brake line connects this to your axle, then hard lines to each brake.