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  • High steer headaches

    While my jeep is out of commision (see my post about my long day for info) I am thinking that I may want to get started on my high steer setup.

    Most parts and info are pretty easy to come by, but I was thinking that I may want to keep my current lockout hubs since they are quite new and very nice. Every article I have read says use the chevy spindle and find a ford f150 hub to get the 5 on 5.5 bolt pattern. OK fine, but then I have to use the Ford lockout or more probable buy new (again).

    The question becomes:

    Is there a spindle or a special bearing number that will allow the jeep hub and lockout to be reused, I know the 5 bolt hub is not as strong as some others, but untill I break it, why upgrade. If there is something out there that will let me keep what I have why not just use that?

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    whats that have to do with high steer??

    are u talking about the spindle...or the knuckle....the knuckle is what your steering attaches to.....

    just keep your 5 bolt hubs that you have and use the same spindle....i havent broke my superwinches yet and im running 38" boggers.....


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      Will the dana 30 spindles bolt to the Dana 44 knuckle. Every bit of info says use the Chevy spindle, so I figured that the dana 30 spindle must not fit. Anyone have any insight?


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        im must have missed some of your posts......why do you have a dana 44 front?? and if you do you should already know what to do......have you done a search??

        many dana 30 SOA's on sure dana 44 is similar......

        you just move the tie rod from bottom to the top of the bid deal.....


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          I take it your going with a true hi steer with flat top knuckles and not just a tie rod flip? I've done plenty of research on this topic as well because it will be a future project for me. Everything I have says the best option due to part availability chevy or FSJ knuckles, spindles, caliper mount & outer axle. Ford hub, rotor, & bearing. Any dana 44 1/2 ton lock out. to keep 5 on 5.5 Or go all ford.


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            Well, that is what I was afraid of. Having to buy all the high steer compnents is no big deal, but spending another $70 on lockouts after having just spent $90 on a good pair a few years ago is not a pleasant proposition. The wife ain't gonna like it
            I currently have a 79 chevy parts truck that will get me the spindles, calipers and the driver's side knuckle, so I guess all I need now is the steering arms, hubs, rotors and a set of lockouts (parts truck has the 203 t-case, so no lockouts).

            This sucks rocks, I didn't even want to mess with the drivers side on the jeep.


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              You've helped me out of a few binds on my 350 conversion threads, sorry.