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  • I need help identifying the year of my jeep

    Are there any body style differences between a 1959 CJ5 and a 1961 CJ5? Long story made short....the MVD is trying to tell me my titled jeep is a 61' not a 59'. Can anyone help?

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    not sure if it applies that far back..... but. sometimes you can find production dates on the steel tags that are on various parts, diff's, t cases, trannys, engines.


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      Does this help?

      Serial Numbers

      - 82878-97918 Model 57548
      - 10137-10173 Model 57648 ST CH
      - 10016-10017 Model 57048-02 fire
      - 10016-10020 Model 56548 c/ws

      - 119540-134747 Model 57548
      - 10326-10386 Model 57648 ST CH
      - 10001-10152 Model 57558 diesel
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        Thanks so much!

        The serial numbers help alot. I definately have a 1959. Guess its back to the DMV to prove my jeeps age! Thanks!


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          I'm going to need proof

          The DMV is most likely not going to take my word for it. Is there any book or other proof with the serial numbers listed that I can take to the DMV with me to show them the numbers? My jeeps serial number definatley fits into the 1959 group.
          Thanks again.


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            I found this link that might help, says it's for CJ3B, though.


            I once had another link that helped me decode my '72, and thought I had it saved as a Favorite, but I can't find it. I'll keep looking.


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              Thank you so much. With all the information posted here, I believe I have enough proof to get the title put back as 1959. I was able to use the link to find the serials numbers on line.
              Thanks again everyone.