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  • Rear Spring Bolt

    I am wondering if I am missing something

    The body and shocks are off and we are trying to take off the rear leaf springs.

    No problem taking off the rear end with the shackels, however the "pivot bolt" that hold the front of the rear spring will not budge. The nut is off and we are trying to drive out the bolt as the book says. No luck. We put the impact wrench on it an it won't budge.

    Rear frame is on jackstands and the axle is supported.

    Am I missing something?

    Thanks for the help


  • #2
    first question ,

    are u goin to re-use the spring, and or bushing and whatevers at stake???

    if not

    second question,

    do you have a cutting torch, sawsall, or grinder???

    just cut them out


    • #3
      Your not missing anything.....them bolts can be a real pain in the "rear" sometimes. I have used a breaker bar with a cheater pipe to get them to turn before. The impact wont work because the rubber. If you still can't get them you can always cut the bolt on both sides of the spring using a sawzall. Have fun.


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        I just had the same issue when I did my lift a grinder and a cut off blade works great nice smell from the bushing and the old grease mixed with the torpedo heater I got a better buzz than I buy on the street. Good luck!


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          Been there.... take off the nut, spray the bolt everywhere with your favorite penetrating oil and take a socket and breaker bar and get the bolt to turn several times while adding more oil. This should break the hold that keeps it from pounding out. If you cant get the bolt to budge then you can always use a floor jack to jack up on the breaker bar. Chain the frame to the jack if it wants to lift up. Be CAREFUL please !!
          Good luck


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            Take a ball joint press and attach it to the bolt like you would a ball joint and press it out. Works like a champ.


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              B F H

              I did the wd-40 breaker bar w/cheater pipe thing. Once they turned more than 1 rotation, a good solid hit with a BFH sent the passenger side bolt into the wall. The driver side however stuck in the bushing, (bushing spun in the spring eye) So it was the cut-off wheel!! Good luck!