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  • Awesome find!

    Just thought I'd share some pictures of the 1986 CJ7 I found!! 19,000 original miles, no rust anywhere, only a few dings in the paint! The engine and underside look like its been sitting in a showroom forever! Original Tires, spare has never been on the road. A guy my dad knows inherited it from a freind of his, and he didn't want to keep it, or see it around town anymore(too many memorys) so he sold it to us so I could resell it.

    I will be driving to work and stuff for alittle while, but I will be selling it(bought it to resell), I can't afford a 3rd vehical in the driveway, and I dont think my XJ on 35s with fullwidths will be all that great on the highway, so I have to keep my Grand Prix.

    The big ugly bumper will be coming off, and a factory bumper will be put back on.

    What do you think its worth?

    The "last of a great breed" plaque still has the protective plastic film on it from the factory, so its still perfect!

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    I know I shouldn't even entertain the thought......but how much are you going to ask for this??

    If you are unsure about market value...Collins Brothers Jeep in Wylie TX does sales of several Jeeps in near original condition (


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      WOW ... where/how did you find that thing????


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        And more importantly....what did you pay for it?

        I'd be all over that like a fat kid on a cupcake....*drool* Probably the mintest Jeep I've ever seen.


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          If you find the right buyer...I would say $15,000-$20,000. What a great find. Looks like it has a 258 and a T-5 trans....does it have a Dana 44 rear?


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            I guy my dad knows owned it and he passed away a few years ago, his wife had it in the garage since then and only drove it every few months. She recently passed and another guy my dad knows(very small town) inherited it. He wanted to get rid of it, and knew my dad would be interested.

            I know what I want to get out of it, would asking $10k be too much? I've seen restored ones with new motors go for 10k+ on ebay.

            I will be picking it up from my parents house probably next weekend, I will be driving it to work at 4wheel drive after that, if your interested, stop by and check it out.

            No D44, it has the 20.


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              10 grand for that would be quite a steal. I would think you should be able to get 15 out of it pretty easily. More and more people are gravitating towards the "stock" look. I would probably stick it on Ebay and put a reserve of a couple grand more than what you paid. Then watch the offers come in.

              What a find!!!!!!



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                Nice Jeep

                My local Jeep shop outsid eof Philly, PA gets Jeeps brought in front Arizona. Some need some work here and there, but most are nearly mint. He has a 1981 CJ7 for sale right now for $15K I believe. He also has a 1978 CJ5 for sale for $14K. Not all stock but pretty close to it. I think I am putting the link below.

                I would enjoy that Jeep for while before selling it but then again, I would probably not want to sell it!



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                  stop driving it...

                  Ralph, you should stop driving it. You won't be able to let it go. (I don't see how on earth you could sell it myself.) She's just gorgeous. Except for that freakin' bumper...


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                    yeah .... I wouldn't let that thing for for a penny less than $15k .....


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                      I owuld sell the XJ and keep this baby!


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                        Originally posted by diamatron
                        I owuld sell the XJ and keep this baby!
                        That will never happen. I love my XJ too much, and I have WAY too much time into it! I just can't keep 3 vehicals, and the XJ will not be that great on the highway, and the CJ would not be driven in the winter.

                        I'm not currnetly driving the CJ, its still at my parents. I will drive it out here(about 200 miles) and then drive it back and forth to work(4 miles round trip) but thats all the driving I will be doing with it!

                        The bumper will be coming off, the thing is HUGE!

                        As much as I would love to keep it, I need the money to pay stuff off alot more then a mint CJ.

                        Anyone want to give me $12k for it?


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                          Like I have been saying all along I would put that thing on Ebay with a Reserve Price of $12k, and I would bet you will get like $14-20K for it. Ill even bid on it for you


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                            Ralph.....step over to the dark side. SWB are where its at.....


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                              I wish all you guys would have been around when I was selling my '81. I found it sitting in a barn at the neighbors. <19,000 miles on it. 0 rust, original everything including top. Cat s##t yellow with a 4x4 decal package that to this day I have not seen. Ran it to under 25K miles and could not get over $5k for it. Had it on EBAY 2 times and 3-4 time in local paper...kept wanting to get 6500+...had to settle for 4900. would give anything to have it back, but the maket was not there for originality...hope things have changed.