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  • Antifreeze/Cooling questions

    Drove the Jeep the other day not very far and when I parked her I noticed a large quantity of coolant leaking from the new radiator. It was not coming from the cap though. Why is this happening? Would a new water pump be the answer? Is my mixture of coolant and water off? Would a new thermostat help? Please advise.


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    You said it was comming from the radiator, is it comming from the hose's? are the clamps and hose's all good? How about the operating temp is it high, if it is it could be your thermostat. Also is your fan working?


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      Myrtle does this little 'burp' thing after installation of a Flowkooler water pump, new tstat, new radiator, all new hoses and a dose of Royal Purple Ice. Recently I installed a 160deg tstat and that eliminated 'most' of it but she still does it a tad right after I shut her off on really hot days. I found that if I let her run just a tad low waterwise it will also eliminate a good deal of 'burping'.

      My personal theory, and that is all this amounts to, is that when you shut the motor off you have an immediate temperature rise that the system cannot accomodate due to instantaneous loss of cooling. (Most newer Jeeps have the overflow bottle for this.) Myrtle just has a tube that runs from the radiator cap down to right above the driver's side leaf spring. I've seen the overflow bottles in 4WD I just haven't gotten around to that particular item on the list yet.

      Also, a cap with a weak spring might cause this, GEEP. If she's running the correct temp under normal operation I wouldn't suspect the pump.


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        Are you running a coolant bottle?


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          or let's face the obvious, the core might be leaking. a stone can kick up and damage it or even old age can rot a radiator core. anyways, find where exactly it's coming from and it will be easier to help you.


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            Bottle works great because it is almost impossible to break. Dropped one on a marble floor once, did not break.

            tube going in is from overflow tube on radiator, then there is a tube (not visible, or I had not put it in yet) that goes about 1 inch into the bottle and then behind the grill to serve as a vent.

            ALSO CHANGE YOUR RADIATOR CAP!!!!!! that made much less flow out when I did it.
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              I would double check your hoses and clamps. Were they replaced? I've learned the hard way to spend the couple of bucks for new clamps whenever I have to remove them to replace anything.


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                Thanks for the responses!! I will have to take a look at the hosese and clamps but I did replace them as well. As for correct operating temp what would that be and how can I find if what is showing on my gauge is actually correct?


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                  correct operating temp depends on your thermostat setting and the ambient temperatures. you shouldn't go much above 210 though. if you go above 230 it's getting too hot and should be shut down before it gets so hot something gets damaged.

                  you can use any thermometer to test the engine temp. just put it on the intake where the water jacket is.


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