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    I was wondering what is a good front end to run under my cj5. I now have a dana 30 and just put a locker in and been out twice with the locker, first time out broke an axle and the second time out not sure yet but I think I busted my spider gears. I haven't had time to check it yet but it popped and now all I have is the front driveshaft turning and nothing but alot of roaring and grinding in the front end and no tires pulling at all. I think the 350 is to much motor for my dana 30 what ideas do you all have.

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    if you want to upgrade axles you can go with a D44 or a D60. with a CJ you're best bet would be to look for an early model chebby blazer/suburban/whatever as a doner vehicle. then you could get the front and rear and it will be pass side drop and geared the same.

    EDIT: you can also run it full width for better stability. you can get properly offset rims to bring the tires back in a little if it's to your liking.


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      When you say locker do you mean the front lockout hub or do you mean a real locker in the diff?

      If you just put a locker in the diff, then you no longer have spider gears, so I would check the lockout hubs, odds are you blew a hub (been there done that, yeah it sucks!). Even if you just put new hubs on I would check them.

      If you don't like the full width axles under a CJ look (hate it myself) ARB makes a nice selectablelocker that will allow you to run dana 44 axle shafts in your dana 30 housing. it gives better clearance and less weight than a full D44 swap without the expense of narrowing an axle housing, or the ghetto, inbred look of full width axles under a CJ.

      Superior even makes D44 shafts for the CJ D30 with this particular air locker.


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        i have put new used axles in both sides of my d30 with the heavy duty joints, have a lockrite locker, and superwinch lockouts....

        I havent broken anything since ive done this.....they are not the upgrade axles either just have the bigger running 38" tires.....i feel pretty safe that nothing is braking now.....

        the one side had the smaller joints.....we bored them out to allow for the larger joints.....

        After this you should be fine....


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          I have a lock right locker in the dana 30 would dana 60's out of an older model chevy truck work what do you think.


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            yeah they would work......but more than likely they are drum brakes and you would be way wider than stock unless u cut the tubes and order new axles......may be way more work than you want to do........

            unless your running 400hp i wouldnt worry about a dana 60 to does look cool to keep full width axles too but rocks and mud and everything is thrown at you while driving......


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              Originally posted by jeepman79
              I have a lock right locker in the dana 30 would dana 60's out of an older model chevy truck work what do you think.

              Honestly the Dana 30 axle is plenty strong for V8 power untill you start pushing more than 400 horses.

              After rereading your post, it really sounds like the lockright has let loose. Return it under waranty and put the money twoards a softlocker and high strength shafts. You won't break a softlocker.


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                That is what I thought too that the locker let loose but I will find out Sunday when I tear it down.