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    OK, heres the prob. I put a new fuel sender in the tank a couple of months ago and everything worked fine. Now, as of last week, the needle doesn't move and the oil press guage isn't working now either. Can't find any fuse probs or anything obvious. Anyone have any ideas, clues, advise, similar things happened, or links to get this fixed? I drive to Navasota this weekend and really would like to have those vitals working before I get on the road.

    If the sender is the prob, does 4WD have any type of warranty, etc. for the Crown Automotive piece of crap sender?

    Thanks in advance.

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    texascj, check the red and pink, (power and sending unit) wires on the back of the speedo/guage cluster for the fuel gauge. I just put a new sending unit in also, and had to track down the problem. mine was the power wire to the fuel gauge itself. Maybe double check the ground at the sender to. Hope this helps.


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      Don't share power...


      These two gauges don't share power. (At least not the way the fuel/temp does.) I'm pretty sure the oil pressure circuit stands apart. Search John Strenk's posts for some killer wiring and CJ gauge troubleshooting. For a quicky on the fuel. Ground the sending unit wire, preferably as close to the sending unit as possible for just long enough to get the fuel gauge to move. (That will eliminate guage and power trouble if it works.) I say to try here first because if you just installed that sending unit and it had a freakin' PLASTIC float on it then you might have a hole in the float and/or the sending unit has failed. The brand new Crown gas and temp gauges in Myrtle worked almost four days. (You don't want to hear that.) Next to the oil pressure. Check for power at the rear (it'll really help you if you dig John's info up) the ohm out the sending unit. Hopefully your sending unit has failed and it'll be an easy fix. I'll go see if I can find John's CJ instrument link. I have one but it isn't as good as John's.

      I got it, Texas:

      Courtesy of John Strenk. Use that and if you don't have to drop the tank because of the sending unit you ought to have gauges again before you leave. (Whoever decided to put those plastic floats on the aftermarket sending units needs to be dragged behind a Jeep down a dirt road.)
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        OOPS! Didn't mean to confuse ya texas, I was only talking about the fuel gauge, not oil, should have made that clear, sorry. As far as the float, my new one was brass, but I've got the factory option 20gal tank.


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          Originally posted by Hill, Bill E
          ...As far as the float, my new one was brass, but I've got the factory option 20gal tank.
          Hey you done good, Bill. I was just throwin' all the stuff at him.

          You lucky dawg on the float. I had to drop my tank for like the third time because of 'other errors' then a float with a pin hole in it. (I was fit to be tied.)


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            That sender is warranted for 90 days for defects in materials and workmanship.


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              I have good news and bad news. The good news is I'm pretty sure the sending unit is okay. The bad news is one of the posts on the back of the fuel guage is broke off inside the guage and the worse news is I haven't gotten to the oil press guage yet...too dang hot out there.

              Thanks for all the input guys. I'll figure it out with some after market Autometer or Equus.

              Forgot to mention that the red wire behind the fuel guage is disconnected.
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                well that will kill the fuel and temp gauge. But not the oil gauge unless it shortedand blew a fuse.


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                  If your oil pressure gauge is acting up (like showing zero pressure, jumping around for 100's of miles on the highway - don't ask how I know) check the connection at the sender. Mine is very weak and tends to lossen a bit and send bad signals to the gauge.