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  • axle swap

    I was wondering if anyone has ever heard of or done an axle swap that was sort of more unconventional. You know, like besides a dana 60, nine inch ford, or 14bolt. I want to get rid of the amc20 for sure and maybe the 30 up front, but just want to know of any other possibilities. i also like the idea of full width axles. thanks...nutt

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    How about some Dodge Power Wagon axles, from the '40s thru the '50s? They are full width and have 5:86 or 5:83 gears, I've seen 'em converted to disc brakes under a 1/2 ton pick-up. A lot of weight, but damn near bulletproof. I've got a '44 converted to a skidder, and my dad has a '53 thats in great shape. The only time we hurt anything was plowing snow w/chains on all 4 tires. The chains caught on old tree roots and we stripped both front axles at the diff Probably not feasible, but it's an Idea I've thought of. The PW's without the Hi/Low t-case have a centered pumkin', just like the m20.


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      I can't find the article, but 4wheeloffroad or 4wd&su did an build of a dana 50 rear axle. Using the centersection from a ford f250/f350 front axle, they had new tubes cut and pressed into the housing and custom 'shafts fitted. It was a cool idea, maybe pricey though.

      Why not be REALLY different and build your model 20? They aren't really that weak when you put a few bucks into them. 1 piece shafts and a lock-right have held up to my abuse for 2+ years now. If you really want to be full width buy some axles from under a full size grand wagoneer nd do a bench build and then bolt em in.


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        While we are on axle subject....

        i found a 84 full size bronco $ would those axles work.....they are 5 on 5.5 right??

        351 ho and all......


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          Ford fronts are D/S drop, so they wont work unless you clock the tcase. Or you can just put the whole running gear from the bronco in.