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  • Alternator replacement/installation

    Hello all....I figured out the other day I probably need a new alternator on my 76 CJ7 that has an AMC 360 and Optima Red Top. The Jeep does not turn over but it can be jump started. However once I turn on the lights it immediately dies and has to be jumped started to get going again. My questions are:
    1) What is a good alternator to get and what should I be looking (output/amps/etc) for for the engine I have or does it make a difference.
    2)I am not incredibly mechanically inclined so how hard would it be to install a new one myself and where is the alternator located in the engine compartment.

    Thanks for all the help!

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    I replaced mine a while ago and it seems like there are 2 sizes. If I remember correctly one puts out 76 amps and the other 112, or something near there. Unless your running a bunch of KC lights the smaller amp one will work fine, but I think the price was the same for either. Autozone was cheaper where I live , but get the one with the lifetime guarantee.


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      Welcome to the board, Mattmossman. If Lazylineman didn't offer up what you need PM RRAUTO if he doesn't see this thread. He knows his STUFF with these things.


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        Your Jeep may also run an external voltage regulator. Take the alternator in to autozone and let them test it off the vehicle. If it is the regulator or something else it will charge perfect. If it does charge buy the voltage regulator while your there.
        I usually buy delco alternators, I think they have a new cheaper lifetime warranty alternator, advanced auto usually has them. You can go with whatever the budget allows though. Lazylineman is dead on with the advice on the amperage.

        Changing the alternator is easy, three quick tips.
        (1) Disconnect the battery before you do anything to it.
        (2) Make sure the wiring goes back as it is suppose it.
        (3) Most common mistake is not tightening the belt properly.

        Good Luck!


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          Check out the auction site you know which one, i bought a 160 amp last year that puts out 55amps at idle and i paid the same price they were asking at autozone and advance, now you can actually see my headlights when i am stopped and all my gauges are brighter now too. plus it has a lifetime warranty aswell