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  • Electric fan?

    I need some (lots) input. I am in the process of swappng a 258 into my CJ-7 (it had the 4-150) To my despair I have found that I have the wrong radiator. The previous owner installed a huge radiatior the thing is nearly three inches thick! It is great to have a big rad, but this one is so big that I only have two inches of clearance between the water pump and the rad. I can't install my fan! I am moving the radiator as far forward as I can, and I hope to gain enough clearance to install a flex fan, but I guess I do have the option of installing an electric. The books say I should use two 14 inch fans, but the core simply is not large enough to accomidate. I was thinking maybe one 16 inch, but I don't know if it will cool the mill.

    Has anyone got an electric fan on their rig? What have you got? What do you think of it? Does it keep you cool?

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    Not on my Jeep, but I put one on a '85 Mustang GT I used to own. I took the factory clutch fan off and used one 16" electric fan and had no problems. I didn't wire it up with a thermostat, I just put a switch under the dash, but still easily accessible, and just reached down whenever I came to a stop to turn it on. While moving, it was off. Some of the situations a Jeep will be in are a little more extreme than a Mustang will ever be in, but I hope this helps. I put it in a couple car shows, and paraded around some fair grounds for more than an hour never going faster than 10 miles an hour without any overheating.

    Just don't go with a cheapy, buy a good quality fan you can rely on.


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      I agree with mudlite, a cheap fan is not the way to go. A lot of the cheap fans are auxilary fans not true cooling fans. I am in the process of wiring up a switch lie mudlite mentioned, bc mine is on all the time. Look through summit and jegs and they have a wide variety of electric fans to go with...good luck



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        I was out wheeling the other day and meet this guy he had an electric fan on his CJ it looked like a 16 incher but the radiator was a three core and it was not between the engine and radiator but in front of the radiator behind the grill so that the big block he had swapped in would have room. I did not talk with him much about how it worked or anything.

        Just that I would through that out there.