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  • ideas? just starting it out

    alright im new to 4wdh. but i need some advice i got a 78 cj7 with a 304, i got pretty much all my cosmetic stuff done to it that i really want done now im looking to make it a nice trail rig but also something i can drive to school everyday. i was thinking about 4 inch lift but ive been hearing so much about soa conversions and regular lifts now im not a good fabricator so whatever is less fabrication would be preferred but what are your opinions on the soa or regular sua? and also tires whats a good tire that wont kill me on the road but will give me some good grip where ever i decide to go plowing through? and also i have the stock steel rims on there with some 31's which are also stock will i need to get wider rims for 33's? help me out guys im only 16 so im not real experienced but the cj was my dads since it was new and now its mine and runs good as ever but i need some input. thanks

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    First count your pennies. This is the best place to start, otherwise you end up with a Jeep on jackstands and you walk to school. I have found that if you stay about 3" and lower, you can bolt on your lift and not worry to much about length, tilt, dropping etc. You might even squeeze some 33's under it still. If you haven't looked at you engine lately, you might want to start there though. It doesn't matter how good your Jeep looks in the garage, if it can't leave it under its own power. You might want to give it a little TLC to make it a real fire breather. There are all kinds of different cams and intakes to put on there. Replace the oil pump, as they all go bad. Replace the radiator, if it hasn't been already. Cosmetics are good and all, but make sure she's a mechanically sound machine before you go all hog wild with the fun stuff.


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      you can easily fit 33s with a 2.5 in spring under lift, a one inch body lift and some slighty longer shackles. but for 33x12.50, i would put those on at least a 8 inch wide rim. but like it was said above me, make sure that thing will be able to drive okay when its sitting taller. keep an eye on that oil pressure gauge.......


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        I'm doing something similar. The first thing is to sort out how much of a *trail* rig you really want/need. If you're really not going to off-road it hard, and you want something that looks cool, that's one thing. If you're going hard-core rock-crawlin, that's another. And you could be somewhere in between, which is where I am. I did as has been suggested, and got the *base* the way I wanted it, and running strong. I put the tranny and t-case in (getting put in now) after getting my 304 running pretty better than expected (17 mpg even...which shocked me a bit.) I'm going for a 4" lift, skipping the SOA, probably some revolver shackles, 33x12.50 BFG MTs, keeping the stock axle assemblies with some upgrades to make them stronger. I'm not a big fan of body lifts, but I really don't have much against small ones (especially on Jeeps.) If you're doing it yourself, learn a lot before starting so you don't have to do it over again. As I no longer have a place to work on my Jeep, I found a shop that is GREAT (even at a 2 hour drive), and I defer to their knowledge quite often. I expect to have a Jeep that will be as good as a CJ5 gets on the road, and it will be a little stronger than necessary for the trails I plan on playing with (so I can hopefully drive it home.) Little things make a big difference as well. In Summit County, CO, it gets quite things like a heater upgrade and such make it a much more practical vehicle. Sort out some things that will make it better for your circumstances and it will be a lot more fun to have around. I KNOW that crappy heating in a place that gets 350 inches of snow a year makes for a Jeep that sits a lot from Oct-April here.