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  • 225? 231? 302?

    I have a ’71 CJ5 with a Buick 225 V6 and T14. Love it!! Only one problem….she got mad and threw a rod!!

    I paid $500 for it about 2 months ago and when I got it, it didn’t run at all. The previous owner, for lack of better words, was a dope!! Nothing was hooked up right! Anyway….

    I had it running decently considering what I started with and this happened. I’m considering rebuilding the 225 or swapping in a 231. As far as I know, the 231 is a direct bolt on to the T14. (with the exception of balancing the flywheel for oddfire). I also have a 302 in my garage that is a complete and solid engine, but I’d have to find a NP435 trans as well as an adapter for the transfer case.

    Has anyone rebuilt the 225 and/or know of some good vendors?

    Has anyone swapped in a 231?


    As always, $$ is the biggest factor. I’m not looking to build an extreme rock-crawlin, “hey look what I broke in the bottomless mud hole!!”, lets get stuck rig. (I most definitely would if I could, and I’d be the first to be saying “hey watch this” too!!) I want it as simple as possible, something to enjoy.

    Thanks in advance for any advice or input!!!

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    Most parts for 231 will work with the 225 ie. intake, covers.
    the 225 is a great motor. There was a company called herbert automotive in Sacramento, CA that used to carry alot of 225 and 231 special parts.


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      Any Idea If They (herbert Automotive) Are Still Around? I Couln't Find Anything On Google. Thanks For The Input.

      I Think I'm Leaning More Towards The Rebuild Now, I Think.


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        No clue when I rebuuilt the 225 I was in high school about 25 years ago.
        I'll look in the yellow pages and see if I can find them.


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          REBUILD! those 225's are stout little motors. there's just something to be said for staying original too.


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            Not sure about a T-14, but the 302 goes with most of them old trannys. Easier than a sbc swap- so I've been told, and am trying to prove as we speak.


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              Another option is the fuel injected 231 (3.8L) from a RWD Buick. They made them all the way through the mid 80s, and if they have FI, they are an even fire motor. If you look real hard, and I do mean Real hard you may find one out of a grand national, and that would be a turbo motor. Turbo in a CJ, that would be cool.

              Sorry, just a Tim (the tool man) Taylor Moment...More Power, ARR ARR ARR!