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  • Strange days

    Hey guys need a quick diagnosis,

    when i first start my jeep up whether it be 80 or 40 degrees outside, when i give it gas the RPM's fall until it dies if i dont feather the throttle. even if i tach it up to 3 grand. i have replaced most electrical parts, cap, rotor, points, coil, and also fuel filter, rebuilt carb, but it is still doing it it also happens when i am going down the road, it seems to not want to go and feels like its a 4 cylinder.

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    You didn't mention what carb you were running.
    Also does it go away when it is warm?


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      If it is OK when warm then it sounds like a simple choke problem.


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        its a motorcraft 2150 2bbl
        and it doesnt go away until it has been running for about 45 min, i have to warm it up for about a half an hour just to make it up the hill in my driveway, then after about 15 min of driving it goes away until i park for about 30 min then it does it again and takes just as long to go away.,


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          How long till your engine water reaches operating temp.??

          Are you running headers?

          If your running stock exhaust, do you use a heat riser to warm up the floor of the intake?

          Have you verified the position of the choke beore starting the engine?