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  • BW T-3 & T-4 questions

    first of all, i've got a '77 CJ-7 w/a chevy 350, a T-3 transmission, and i'm assuming whatever transfer case came origionally on the jeep. (p.s. if anyone know what that is off the top of their head...)

    well, anyhow, i went out and thrashed a bit, got home, backed into my spot, went to put it in first to park it and the lever won't come out of reverse. so my question here is, does anyone know why its doing this and how do i fix it?

    question 2 is: a friend of mine has a T-4 mated to an inline 6 and dana 300 transfer. he said that he would be willing to part with it. are these trannies interchangeable or not?

    next question, he said to find out what fair market value of the tranny is because i wanted to pay him for it. it has been rebuilt, and i believe that he said its got about 60k miles on the rebuild. knowing the guy, i'm sure he didn't thrash on it too much. sooo...if anybody knows what its worth.

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    well i have a problem sometimes when i get a lil too exuburent with the shifter and it sticks in my t-4....does it look like it went further than it should have? I usually take off the shifter boot and tranny cover, take the two pins out where the shifter goes, pull shifter out, use screwdriver to put tranny in neutral and line up the plates....stick everything back together and it does what it needs to....check this out before you spend some money......takes me bout 10 mins tops, it takes longer to get all the damn screws out the the boot and trany cover then anything else



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      thanks for the tip, i'll try that.

      i'm still curious about the T-4 though. (whether it will fit)

      i've been trying to talk him out of it for over a year, driving a three speed SUCKS!! lol


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        Is this the stock tranny? If it is, it is either a T-150 3 speed or a T-18 4 speed. I’ve never heard of a T-3. I’m not familiar with the T-150 but go to this web page and see if it looks like this: If this is the tranny, someone here can help you. We just need to find out what you have first.


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          it is a 3 speed, i'm not sure if it is stock, i am ASSUMING that it is, in which case you would be correct that it is the T-150. (i don't know where i came up with T-3, i swear i saw that before though, you never know, i may have dreamed it, lol) i know that assuming will get me in trouble though.

          i'll go out and look tomorrow, but if it is a T-150, then would it be interchangeable. it was my understanding that as long as it is borg warner it will pretty much be the same.

          somebody please correct me if i'm all wet, i know very little about trannies.


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            The T-150 is connected to the Dana 20 Transfer case. The T-4 is connected to the Dana 300. Probably would need an adapter for that. The part numbers in the 4WD book are different for the T-4 and T-150 bellhousings. Are you wanting a lower first gear for off-road? You might look into the T-18 swap. Or do you just want to replace your tranny with a good one? I would not spend the money to replace a heavy duty T-150 with a light duty T-4. V-8 power with a heavy right foot coupled with a quick left foot will destroy a T-4 in a short time. If you want a slick shifting, car type tranny, choices are limited. With that 350, you might consider a turbo 350 automatic. Tranny swaps are never easy or cheap.


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              what about a T-10? i can probably come up with one of those too. i know i haven't got anything that one of those can't handle.


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                Well, you can do this but it’s not cheap. Try $614.70 for the tranny to transfer case adapter. Plus $27.32 for the shifter bracket and $54.64 for a shift rod kit. Plus a Chevy car type bellhousing and then you have to get the clutch fork to work with your linkage. Plus the first gear ratio is higher meaning you will have to slip the clutch more to take off in first gear. Unless you put lower gears in the axles to compensate and now your 350 is cranking 3 grand at 55 MPH. I went through this about 20 years ago when I destroyed a SR-4 tranny. After all the pros and cons, I settled on a T-18A tranny. Hated the way it shifted on the street but I could not tear it up off road. Broke a lot of other stuff, but that tranny never missed a beat. Another possibility is the NV 3500 or 3550 tranny. My ’94 Chevy truck had the NV 3500. You might want to call Advanced Adapters up and see what it would take to put that in since you already have a Chevy engine. The later model Jeeps have the NV 3550 and while not a slick shifting car tranny, they shift pretty smooth. The NV 3500 shifted fairly well in my truck and the NV 3550 shifts pretty good in my TJ. There are a lot of possibilities. All you need is a job and a desire to pay.