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  • t-176 d300 questions/fluid recommendations

    t176 rebuilt this past summer and filled with unknown brand of oil. While working on finding the bolt lengths needed, I had it sitting on the output end. While it was sitting like this the fluid started to come out tail end. Is this normal?

    What fluid should I replace it with? Should I drain all of the fluid in it and refill with only one brand/type? Can I mix brands and synthetic/nonsynthetic oils?

    I am either going to go with Amsoil or Royal Purple b/c of their outstanding reputation.

    will rebuild the d300 next weekend and wondering what fluid to use. I know what Amsoil reccomends, would youall agree?

    All, What fluids and amounts do you use in your d300 & t176?

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    Well there is supposed to be a seal in the rear of the 176. However I cannot remember if it seals to the tranny or to the transfer.
    Here is how you can check.
    Look for a seal in the rear output shaft.
    If there isn't one then there is your problem.
    If there is one, check to see if it seals compleatley around the shaft. If it does then you need a new seal.
    If it doesn't there is a good sized gap between the seal and the output shaft then it seals around the transfer case.
    As for gear oil I use 85-90. Can't seem to find 80-90 anymore.


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      It seals to the transfer case, no transfer case attached, no seal.


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        Both you guys, thanks for your help!