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  • 4.0 head swap - water jackets

    Ill be having my 4.0 head rebuilt hopefully the first week of Jan. when I get my refund checks from school. Ya, I get paid to go to college, its sweet! I still havnt decided what method to use to block off he 12 water jackets that need plugged. WranglerTSL has the number of a pro welder in Greensburg that has done engine welding in the past. Im sure he would have no issues welding the cast, but I have no idea what it would cost.

    I've also been considering doing the high temp epoxy method for its simplicity, less shop time, and its most likely cheaper. Apparently it's good up to 500 some odd degrees, and my engine probably has never gotten hotter than 215ish, but Im just guessing, my temp gauge doesnt have numbers. The needle says at about the same position (about 1/4 of the way up on th CJ gauge) weather its 100 degrees or 0 degrees. I think it has a 185 degree thermostat, and a new 3 core rad for what it matters. I've heard of a few cases of leakage, but the majority dont seem to have any problems even after 30k miles or so.

    dont understand why it would leak as long as the surfaces in the water jackets were preped propperly for he epoxy to get a good bite in the material and it was mixed properly.

    What are yins guys thoughts?

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    heads get hot

    I am having temp troubles with my 84 CJ7 and I was just at the local Jeep shop yesterday. They used the temp laser gun thingee to check the temp of my hoses, t-stat housing etc. Just playing around, he spotted the head and block and it was about 400 degrees. He said that is normal. Even if you have a 185 t-stat, your head and block will get a lot hotter than the coolant temp which should be about 185. I'm just a newbie but I wanted to throw my 2 cents in. Mark


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      I'd have them welded. You will never have to worry about it if it's done right the first time.


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        I agree on the welding and then get the head milled a hair to true it up. I'm confident of epoxy in most cases, but under pressure and in antifreeze is a kind of killer combo in my opinion. Having to keep deck surface 100% flat, plus the stress the head takes during torqueing I think will be too much.


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          Just bought a reman 4.0 head from clear water cylinder heads welded water jackets $ 420 at my door


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            I'm building up a 258 right now with a 4.0 head from Clearwater Cylinder Heads. Bought the head on eBay for $420 shipped, and the quality of the machining and welding is excellent. I've got a Motorcraft 2100 on the way, and I'm still deciding on the distributor. I'm thinking about this DUI HEI distributor....does anyone have any experience with it?

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