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    im looking to buy a new exhaust system and was wondering what people have and what they think is the best. was looking at the 4wd system, because it is a little bit cheaper and seems to work and sound really well.

    any help is greatly appreciated

    thanks, sam

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    gale banks...

    If you like working on your jeep often, go with the cheap stuff. If you want to install it and forget it, spend the money on a nice exhaust. If you are going to replace the header, Gale Banks is the way to go. I ordered a borla and then sent it back cuz it looked cheap and crappy. I have heard good things about the borla cat-backs, but was not impressed with the header. Good luck


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      Redtail went with Borla and I think he was pretty happy with them. You might want to send him a PM.

      I also understand Clifford Performance makes some pretty awesome products.
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        Had a local shop (W. PA, Mercer, E&E Welding & Exhaust) bend a stainless 2-into-1 system for my 73 CJ5 with AMC 304. No 2-1 head pipes are commercially available so I was pretty much forced into a custom setup. I guarantee it's tougher than anything that would ship by mail. I used a Flowmaster Super 44 Delta. No cat required, of course. I used stock manifolds. I have $400 into the exhaust.


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          I went with Borla. Love it. It's not too loud, not too quiet. Smooth, and really deep. Coupled with a Borla header and AeM Intake, I'd definately say I have a lot more top end on my jeep where I didn't before.


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            I too am in the market for a new exhaust system. tried the cheap route to get me through the last several did...well, I lost the exhaust pipe about 6 months ago and the muffler is now shedding!

            Anyway, I still dont want to put 4or5 hun into exhaust as she has hit 110 and many replacements are on the horizon...besides, it sounds like some of the slightly less expensive choices may be legit.

            I seem to be down to the banks monster (284) and the 4wd magnaflow exclusive (280).

            What do you all think?


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              I run the banks header, down tube, and cat back on my YJ and I am quite happy with it. Sounds good too (vids of what it sounds like)

              If you buy the 4wd magnaflow (stainless) it basically the same material (409 stainless) as the banks and close to the same design without the lifetime warranty. You will be happy with either one. For the past three years my banks has bent, smashed off of rocks, and dented pretty good on the down tube and its still good! It has a little leak from it getting tweaked but nothing that worries me enough to fix it.

              Good luck with the buy


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                thanks for the info and link to vids bowser. I have been leaning toward the banks...I have been hesitant to pull the trigger yet though...I have had some poor experience with CustServ and have not yet decided where to take my business.

                Someone emailed me after I finally sent a follow-up to the lack of response to my inquiries. Once I explained my problem, however, I have not heard a thing...

                This forum is some help, but when you are making after market parts decision you need help at times in getting accurate information regarding the parts, fit, etc. I hate ordering parts, waiting a week, only to find that the thing wont fit or is not as described.