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  • Glass Body

    I found a glass tub (not sure of the brand name), 6 point cage, and frame at a local Jeep scrap yard. The cage has mounts welded to the frame with the bolt-on to mount the tub.

    What I am not sure about is what else am I going to have to purchase to make this work?

    These parts are being sold together because they were a set before. I am not sure about body mounts, brake pedal, clutch pedal, dash, firewall, etc, etc, etc. The guy wants $1000 for the whole thing but I would not want to spend another $1000 just to make it work.


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    Isn't that why we all buy jeeps! Their fun money pits. I wouldn't want anything else. Sounds like you want something for cheap and not spend money. I don't think you can have your cake and eat it to. That's a stupid quote.


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      I don't mind spending the money but I would like to know what issues I am going to have in advance so I can plan for it. I already know that I need to buy fenders and the dash but what else is going to come up.

      If I was worried about the money I would have bought a CJ that was already rebuilt! I bought this as a project to work on this summer.

      Thanks for your input but I'm looking for useful advice.


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        Is that all your getting? (frame tub rollcage)

        If you need everything else it's way too much.
        You'll need another parts jeep and some major time.

        If you need a frame and tub for a preexsistig Jeep then thats OK

        I normally find and get them running for less then 1500
        Then the black hole appears and theres no turning back.


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          Sorry. I have a 78 CJ5, 304, 3speed, 4 inch lift, Moper one piece axles, new lower steering shaft, new top, etc, etc. I bought this a couple of months ago and the body is shot. I just don't know what it will take to move all this to the other frame and body. I also wanted to drive this for a while and make sure that everything is mechanically sound before worrying about the looks.


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            Buy it if your ready and the tub is OK (no cracks)It shouldnt cost you much $ if you do the swap

            Im waiting until I destroy the old body and no longer have the desire to crash it into things.

            But that day may never come