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  • What causes nitrious oxide emissions?

    I just had my annual California emissions test....I passed by the skin of my A$$ for NO emissions. It was like 10 X from last year. Does anyone know what would cause such a jump. I am now on the Sh## list for next year.

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    NOx emmisions are caused by ver high combustion temperatures, so the wonderfull automotive engineers decided to introduce some exhaust gas into the intake manifold to act as a coolant, thus ERG was born. Since the exhaust gasses have little or no O2 in them, they tend to "retard" the combustion process and cool the high temperatures that cause the Nitrogen (N2) to split and join with the excess O2. Too little EGR and the NOx emmisions go through the roof, too much and the motor looses power and runs rough.

    The moral of the story is to check your EGR valve for carbon fouling, and clean/replace as necessary. Also check for rotten or broken vacuum lines and intake manifold leaks, since eccesively lean mixtures can cause high NOx too.

    P.S. If you happen to have the Mopar MPI installed, the computer adjusts the air/fuel ratio to mimic the effects of EGR, so in that case a basic tune up and a new o2 sensor may be in order.


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      Hey thanks..excellent reply..I'm looking now at it!