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  • Stabilizer bushing for D300 T-case

    so i pulled out the 258 and T5 and stuck in a 350 and sm465 with an AA adapter to the D300. the AA adapter has a place to mount the stock tranny mount which fit my stock crossmember with the addition of one hole

    my question is do i need to figure out something to replace the stabilizer bushing setup? do i really need it? i forget where it even went...

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    i'd say that do need the stabilizer setup hooked up...couldn't be too much of a problem to keep it and if you do need it and don't do it...well, you get the point


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      I cannot get the bushings tight to each other. Can someone get me some pictures of this stabilizer thing?


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        I'm rethinking this, Get back with ya.
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          Not sure on your set-up, but I'm assuming there's some kind of a plate adaptor that goes between the trans and the factory mount...

          I Just put an NV 3550 in my CJ7 with AA stuff. I kept the factory bushing in its original location but re-located the mount to sit directly under the trans (one hole over toward the driver side). I might be able to post pics if you would like.

          PS I'm using an aftermarket poly mount, bushings and stud. I stacked washers under the bushings to get the proper set-up.


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            Originally posted by breakthru
            I cannot get the bushings tight to each other. Can someone get me some pictures of this stabilizer thing?

            Well they are suppose to be a little loose. That is to say the torque arm floats inside the 2 bushings and only make contact with the bushing after so much torque.



            If you look, I tighten just enought to bring the two bushings together and NOT crush them.

            Why did AMC do it this way? Well it certianly didn't save them money so there must be a reason. Only one I can think of is that the mount is completely under compression when accelerating and not twisting were one side is compressing and one side is in tension. Maybe the tranny mounts last longer in this setup.
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              Thank you very much!