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    I'm doing a 4.0 head conversion and I have a carter/weber 2 barrel bbd carb. and I need to know what all the plugs and ports are for where can I get a diagram for this so I can hook up as much as poss. ps it has an electric choke. the reason i'm asking is my 76cj had a 1 barrel carter on it

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    There were a few variations in the carbs. The biggest thing to look for are sources of manifold vacuum and ported vacuum.

    Manifold vac starts low and gets stronger as engine rpm's increase.
    Ported vacuum is the opposite.
    (if I am remembering the names correctly...but thats what they do.)
    Each runs different things. You need vacuum that starts low and gets stronger for your vacuum advance.

    Since you don't have an ECU, you don't need to worry about the Nutter bypass. Just lable what you can before you take it apart, and make sure anything you don't use is blocked off tightly when you re-assemble it.

    Hopefully someone else can give you something more specific tho.


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      I put a Holley on my '85, 258. Not much vacum to hook up unless you have PB or smog stuff. Choke, my stock carb had an elec choke, I never hooked it back up. I have a tank heater, so, in the winter i just plug it in. It only gets down into the -'s here too.


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        Which carb are you going to run? You'll need the later style intake to put on that head.