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  • Back Lash

    My dana 20 rearend has some backlash. Is the gear clearance adjustible with shim washers?

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    yeah, you should be able to use a dial indicator to measure the backlash and paint the gears to make sure you are getting the correct footprint. You can adjust these through shimming the pinion gear, or the right and left main bearings as required. It is a real pain in the _____ to get it right!


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      Bret is right,
      There is suposed to be a little back lash. So paint your gears to get the right patern first.

      The dealer has a binder full of shims in the parts department.
      Also, dont forget the crush sleave and setting your pinion drag. (pinion bearing preload)


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        Thanks for the info bret, hope all is well in Kansas. Thanks again for the parts. When I took the rear diff off last night I noticed it had a quarter turn of back lash. I plan on getting into it tonight. Hope this does'nt turn into a real pan in the


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          Back Lash

          I got into the differential. Most all of the play is in the spider gears and not the ring and pinion. Looks like I would need to pull both axles to add shims.
          I am probably just going to live with it.


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            Good call!!!! If it ain't broke ... don't fix it! I hauled what was left of the wreckage off last weekend ... so thanks for lighten' the load! Did you decide if you were going to roll the entire front diff under her or not????


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              front end

              I plan on looking at front end today. The disk brakes are a good idea. I am going to survey both front ends and make a decision. Working on painting and modifing springs. Need to order new spring bushings. Later

              Rod Schulte


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                It's weird that I read this post today after having watched an episode of HorsePower TV and they were putting in a new rearend and the guy just said "you need to adjust your backlash when installing these gears...."

                Ok.. to show my ignorance a little....

                What is backlash? Is it something you can feel when driving? If so what does it feel like? It is a bad thing... meaning it will damage something if not corrected?

                I understand that it is something that has to be adjusted in the differential. But nothing much beyond that.


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                  backlash is the gap between the ring and pinon gears as they are meshing ... If the backlash is not set correctly your gears will wear against each other improperly and will eventually cause failure. Typically if the bashlash is not set correctly you will hear a whining coming from the rearend and they will not last long.

                  When they talk about painting the gears, you apply a marker ink to the ring gear and then rotate over the pinon gear and then look at the pattern that is made as the two mesh. There are charts with different shapes on them that tell you which way to adjust (shim) it depend on what the pattern looks like.

                  Its a lot like looking at a bunch of ink blots in the shrinks office ... and like I said above ... it a real pain in the arse to get correct!