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  • Muncie SM465 & NP205 in CJ?

    I'm in the planning stages of my next project, and I was curious if anybody had any experience with swapping a Muncie SM465 & NP205 into a CJ (probably CJ7, though I prefer CJ5's) from a Chevy truck. I'm also considering using a 12bolt front & 14bolt rear from same donor vehicle.

    Thing is, these donor trucks are plentiful here, and that tranni/transfer case setup has held up well in couple full size truck projects. This would also allow my to use my choice of small block Chevy engines or possibly even a Chevy 4.3.

    Mainly curious about any issues w/ how this would affect drive shaft angles/lengths. Also I'd appreciate any other feedback regarding this tranni/transfer case for Jeep applications.

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    I think that swap would be very difficult in a CJ5, not impossible but require more work. I am just about to put an SM465 in my CJ5 but I am using the D20. Several reasons for this: first- it would be an easier swap for me personally, I already have the D20 and the drive shafts and axles are all already working together. But also length, because the SM465 is on about 2.5 inches longer than the original T150. The adapter from Novak is only 1 inch. So you only increase it by 3.5 inches. Most of the SM465/NP205 setups I have seen are with an adapter in between that would add about 4 inches ( I think that this is referred to as divorced, but I am not sure). You also have to be careful of what you get the tranny/TC steup from because some use a paasenger side front drop, and I am not sure about the rearend offset. You can do alot of research on pirate on this swap, there are alot of people that have done this over there.


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      Length is the main reason that i was considering a CJ7 over the CJ5. I love the look of the 5, though, but a CJ7 would even be easier to get my hind end in and out of.

      I don't think I'll have problem w/ axle alignment since I'm probably going to use the GM Corp 12 & 15 bolt axles.

      I'll search pirate for some info.



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        i had a turbo 350 with an np 205 in a cj-7 and it worked fine, with moderate vibration (after i rotated the rear axel), that was my daily driver. so the standard trans setup should be pretty straight forward. ive been thinking of that setup for this one too, the wife claimed the other(she cant drive standard so that'll keep it mine)