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  • Towing Question

    I have 76 Cj-7 with Quadatrac w/ reduction unit. I was told I could tow with auto tranny in park and transfercase in nuetral. Just need to know if this is correct or will it damage drive train components. Will be towing about 300 miles.

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    I'm not sure but I think the problem with towing an auto tranny is that a lot of heat will develop with no fluid flow.


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      With the x-case in neutral the tranny will not be spinning... so no worries about the tranny overheating.

      With the x-case in neutral only the rear input shaft (unless you lack front wheel locks, in that case you're still okay) will be spinning, so you're okay.

      Your jeep was designed to be flat towed, but,
      On a side note... if it's a really old jeep that isn't well maintained... i'd remove both front and rear driveshafts from the axles and ziptie them up out of the way... just to be sure, better safe than sorry.


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        i would wait until someone who definitely knows answers. i don't have a i mean quatratrac, but my dana 300 should not be towed without first putting special paddles in. without the engine running the gears will get oil starved and burn up. the qtrac may be fine, but i'd find out for sure and not go on hunches.


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          DAMAGE!!!!!! Don't do it! A quadratrac-equipped jeep can not be flat towed, with out locking hubs on all four wheels.


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            Not that we doubt you or anything, but why?

            Many automatic vehicles may be flat towed for long distances at highway speeds with the addition of an electric oil pump in the trany cooler line.

            RV places make this mod all the time. The wiring plugs into the tow vehicle so the oil pump circulates the fluid whenever the vehicle is connected to the tow rig.

            On four wheel drive vehicles, the transfer case is left in gear and the trany in neutral. The transfer case spins as it normally would when driving, so no damage is done, and the oil pump takes care of the auto by circulating the fluid through all the important bearings even though the torque converter is not turning.


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              My service manual for 1979 says:
              Automatic Transmission with Quadra-Trac and Reduction Unit
              Ignition Key Available : Vehicle can be towed with all four wheels on the ground without disconnecting propeller shafts.Shift transmission into Park and shift reduction unit shift lever to Neutral (center) position. If the emergency drive control switch (in glove box) was in EMERGENCY DRIVE when the engine was shut down, restart the engine and turn the control knob to the NORMAL position. NEVER TOW THE VEHICLE WITH THE EMERGENCY DRIVE CONTROL ACTIVATED OR WITH THE REDUCTION UNIT IN LOW RANGE.

              hope that helps,