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  • clutch return springs

    On the right is the stock clutch return spring from a 79 CJ7, on the left is a replacement spring. Two questions: #1. Is the one on the left the true replacement part ? #2. How do you get these buggers on? At present I have a thinner generic spring; much easier to stretch but will probably gonna break soon.
    I had a Chrysler dealership try and install an identical spring pictured on the right and all they did was bend the crap out of it. Any suggestions?

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    spring install

    You can true the spring tool that you use for installing springs on drum brakes. You put one end of the spring on where it goes and the other end use the tool which holds the angled part of the spring which can that stretch it using one hand. Y ou can use a pair of needle nose to help guide it on. Two people are usually the easier method.



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      I used a pair of needle nosed vise grips on mine. Grab the spring just before the bend and grunt, groan, and curse a bit. It will go on eventually.


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        Is that new spring exremely stiff? My brother and i were intalling a new clutch return spring ( left pic.) and it was so stiff we could not streach it to install it. We ended up hooking the spring up between my truck and his S-10 and let the weight of the truck roll tension on it and it STILL didn't move. We ended up giving up on the spring and have not been able to find the correct replacement.


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          No easy way.

          This is how the factory recomends to do it. :


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            Mossboys, yes both springs are very stiff, they don't want to stretch at all.
            John, thanks for the illustration. A mechanic had mentioned something like that and it did involve 2 x 4's. I'm saving the illustration for later hoping the temps will go up within the next few days before I give it a whack. It's a pain not having a garage.