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  • T-18s ??

    What years did these tranny come out in the cjs? I am looking at 2 cjs both 83s and the guy says they both have T18s .... I'm calling BS ... but don't know for sure and haven't had a cance to get the casting #s

    any thoughts??

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    Just out of curiosity, did your jeep come stock with that 350? I would bet someone put it in afterward. It has been done before.


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      this guy said that both jeeps were completely stock ... nothing had been swapped, I didn't know if the t-18s were avaiable in 83 ... didn't think so, but don't know? and would like to know what they are before going ahead with the deal???


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        I am at work and can't check my FSMs, but I do know they did hit CJ's around the late 70 early 80.


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          Look at the bottom of the page. It says 72-79 cj's and until 81 for full sized jeeps. So I don't think it was factory in 83.


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            hmmm, well, I'll see if he can get the casting # on them and check em out ... Thanks guys!


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              this jeeptech link tells you about the t-18s and when they were made available.


              from the above link

              The T-18 was optional on CJs from 1971-1979. The T-18A version used from 1977-1979 is the best transmission ever put in a CJ by the factory since it features a granny low first gear(6:32:1.) Earlier T-18s have the same great strength, but a 4.03:1 first. The T-98 is the predecessor to the T-18 that was an option for CJs from 1955-1970.

              Other Jeep trucks also had the T-98 as an option from 1955-1970, the close ratio T-18 optional from 1971-1975, and the wide ratio T-18 from 1976-1979. After 1979, the wide ratio T-18 was only avilable as an option in the J-20 pickup truck from 1980-1981. This version of the T-18 has the round New Process bolt pattern and 23 spline output, but the adapter is long for a short wheel base Jeep. Earlier T-18s and T-98s used the "Texas" bolt pattern and 6 spline output. The truck version of the T-18 uses a long input shaft compared to the T-98 or CJ T-18s.
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                it wouldnt have been stock.. take it for a drive.. that will tell ya right away.. put it in 1st gear.. if it is VERY slow.. then it'd be a T-18...