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  • gear change and HEI conversion

    I am a nubee to this forum and to jeeping. I bought a 84 CJ7 with 258 and a T176 trans amc 20 and danna 30 axles with a 2.73 ratio (what a pig). I am not a rock climber or hard core wheeler just plow some snow, use it as my convertible in nice weather, and cruise some old wood roads. I am starting with a 3.73 gear. I am also dumping that awfull computer distributor and trying HEI with a precomputer Carter 2bbl. I am a reasonable wrench so I am giving all this a whirl on my own. I am sure others has tackled these upgrades, so I will take any advise any one has to offer.

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    Try a search on the HEI and also for TFI conversions in this forum. I've gone to a TFI ignition on my '86 CJ7. There is a realy nifty HEI/TFI hybred thats been discussed here a lot recently.

    Also search on Nutter Bypass. That will give you the info to gut the extra electronics out and stil have the rest work.

    Ditch the carter carbs altogether IMHO. A number of us have swapped to the Motorcraft 2100 series carbs with much better results. A search for that will get you all kinds of stuff too.

    If you get stuck anywheres along the way, or any Q's on anything you find (or don't find), I'm sure we can scare up the answer.

    From what I understand, you should like the 3.73's. I'm saving for that swap too: I'm running 31's on 3.31 gears...I can imagine what a pig your gears has got to be!

    For a fun trail-rider, a Jeep is geat. My fave convertable as well! I don't run hard trails either, bad back and Jeep is my daily driver, so I can't break her.

    Welcome to the forums! Lets see some pics! (we can help with how to do that too).
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      Hey old timer, welcome to the forums! You will need a new carrier for the model 20 rear end, to install lower gears (higher numerically). The AMC 20 has 2 size carriers, one for the 2:73 gears, and one for all the others. If buying new, you may want to consider a trac-loc carrier. I ran one for a few years before installing my locker, you can tell the diference between it and an open diff.