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  • Possible seized engine

    so I am looking at buying another CJ
    Found an 80 7 with I6 and auto trans.
    have not looked at it, lady says with a new battery it wont start. She speculates it is the starter.
    here is the question.
    if it is actually a seized motor (it has been parked for 2 years) will the giant wrench on the crankshaft trick work to get it free, also can I drive it without totally destroying the motor, if that works?


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    IMHO it's probably not seized from sitting 2 years, unless the outside elements were allowed to enter the engine internals, in which case rust would have bonded the rings to the cylinder walls. I'd recommend dumping the gas, flushing the lines, pull the plugs and spray in a generous amount of PB Blaster and let it soak for a day or two. Check the starter out too. A "giant wrench" could break things free, and I don't think you would likely cause any additional damage that didn't need attention/fixin' anyway.
    You could end up with a bargain.

    Hey, Hows the weather up in Flag?


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      If it is seized, I've always heard that vinegar in the spark plug holes will free it up. Obviously, you would want to drain it before running, but it will free the rings from the piston walls quite well.


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        does it crank and not start or not crank at all?


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          i wouldnt "giant wrench" it too much, you can break off the crank bolt or worse yet, strip the threads... i would most likely suggest that it is a starter solenoid, they tend to go bad in those


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            I think FUBAR is asking the right questions here.

            If the motor cranks, then it is not seized. If it does not crank, check the starter, solenoid, cables and batt. 2 years is not very long to be siting out in the weather (unless the hood was open and the air cleaner was off too.)

            If all else fails, pull the plugs and look for signs of rust, if there is little or no rust, try to turn it over by hand (just a regular wrench, nothing too big.)

            If the price is right, you may want to pick it up, even if the motor is toast. 258 engines are really common, some folks might even give one away (Like Me).


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              seized motor

              put the beast in gear and see if it can be towed or pushed.

              If the motor is seized it will either break loose or just drag the wheels.

              I am guessing it is not as everyone else said sitting will not seize the motor unless water got in.

              The 85 I picked up a bit ago was sitting for 3 years, except for the crap gas that made it smoke like a h%^^, it started right up.


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                Does that pulling work with auto trans?


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                  Originally posted by rjcj7 View Post
                  Does that pulling work with auto trans?

                  Nope, that is one of the benefits of having a manual.

                  I wouldn't start it until I changed the fluids(oil, rad).

                  No reason to wreck a motor with bad fluids.
                  I also wouldn't drive it without checking the diff, tranny/trans either.

                  Don't know if you know this already or not.


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                    Well I didn't think you could, but I thought I might have been missing out on a trick.


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                      Again Fubar asked a good question. My CJ7 sat in TN. for 2 years, Just changed the fluids.

                      NOCHEEPGAS! The weather up here is great, in the 40's. Come on up. Suposed to get more of the white stuff thursday.


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                        before you go out and buy a starter for it make sure the cables aren't corrodded...jeeps are notorious for this


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                          another quick check, make sure your ground is good on your starter solenoid, happened to me and i had nothing, use a jumper wire to a known good ground and try to crank it