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  • 1-piece axle upgrade

    Ok Guys,,,so I Finally Got My Axles Today.i Took Them Out Of The Box,and To No Suprise,,,,,,no Instructions.any Tips For My Install? .i Have A Press For The Bearings,,,,,,,,,,,but Where Do Those 2 Spacers Go???????thanks

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    Never done the 1 piece upgrade (on my list though) so I can't help with instructions, but...

    What brand are they?

    If they are from our host, PM Woody. He should be able to get you a copy of the cheat sheet.

    If they are not from our host, well first off

    Now that that is over, I know that the upgrade has been discussed on this forum, so a good search might hold your answers.

    P. S.

    the AMC 20 axle uses shims beneath the brake drum backing plate to adjust the bearing preload. A Chilton's or Haynes manual has the proper specs and procedure for the 2 pc, 1 pc shouldn't be too different as far as preload goes.


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      1-piece axles

      they are crown automotive brand.


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        Mine are from Moser. I installed them about 10 years ago, and dont beleave it came spacer. I used the stock ones. Just remember to make sure you have the backing plate on the correct side before you press the bearings on. I made that mistake and had to drill new holes for the parking prake cable.


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          soap box tendencies...

          Web, this thing about instructions makes me freakin' furious sometimes. Somebody recently told me that instructions for aftermarket parts are being deleted because accountants view them as unnecessary expense. I guess it's sort of like how lawyers infringe on our lives daily. It's total B.S. in my opinion. I finally get to the age where I realize how important they are and manufacturers stop putting them in the box.

          Anyway, times two on BktOBolts as far as the brake backing plates. You MUST have the plates on properly prior to pressing on the bearings. As far as the spacers go, I can't answer that one either. I used the Moser axles, too, and they don't require any spacers. (Or, they didn't when I installed them, but someone recently sent me a PM asking about spacers and Moser axles...I couldn't answer him...) There is a 'step' inside the axle. The outer bearing race fit into the step, then I just slid the axle in and bolted everything back together. Make sure you can still turn the axle after bolting the backing plate back to the axle flange. If whereever you bought the axles can't help with instructions, then maybe someone will post up that has done the Crown axles.


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            Is this "spacer" just a ring with an I.D. the same as the axle shaft diameter? If so, it's probably the retainer that gets pressed on after the bearings to prevent the bearing and axle from parting ways. My yukons also had a spacer that was installed in the housing before the shaft and bearing assembly (to get the proper amount of bearing protrusion for preload). But checking would be a good idea.


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              i just recently got rebuild kits for my mosers thru 4wd Hardware and they came with a bearing shafts originally didn't have them either...guess they figured it couldn't hurt to include them with new kits now and not just rebuild kits


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                My Superior axles had a spacer that went into the axle housing, then the race went against it as the axle was slid in.

                They also had 'keepers', which go on the axle shaft after the bearing. Both my bearings and keepers were press fits.

                My stock axle broke during an event, and I had to install my new one at the campground. Becuase my axles came the same day as I was leaving for the run, I still had them in the boxes. Guess what, no instructions. And no internet! So I went around asking the other Jeepers to find out what went where, in what order, which direction, etc. Got a bunch of different answers.

                Most was self explanatory except for the spacer and keeper, and which way the bearing should go on. Must have got it right, haven't had any problems yet.


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                  I posted a similar question a few weeks ago and there are some pretty good posts, one with step by step instructions. I haven't had time to do it yet so I don't have any first had experience but the other thread had some great info. I think the thread was titled one piece axle instal tips or something like that.


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                    Check this thread out.



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                      Here's a kicker for ya?
                      I have a set of Moser 1 piece axle shafts for a 82-86 AMC model 20 wide trac rear. They have the backing plates and berrings still on them. $150.00 obo Bolt in and go. My Dad works in Waynesburg too.