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  • rear locker

    OK, I'm a virgin when it comes to pulling a differential cover off. Any advice or words of wisdom? I'm planning on installing a Powertrax No slip in my rear axle this Thursday before goin' wheelin' on Friday?

    so far here's my list of stuff to get (besides locker of course):
    brake cleaner to clean inside diff.
    gear oil for after job's finished
    wheel bearing grease (locker parts)
    new gasket

    tools I think I'll need (looked at instructions off this site):
    punch for rollpin
    small 1/4 " wrench (advice from fellow wheeler)
    unknown size torx bit (advice from fellow wheeler)

    I have an AMC 20 in the rear by the way with open carrier. Thanks

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    leave the top bolt in the cover in and loose when you start to pry the cover off. have a large something to catch the gear oil. you shouldn't need brake parts cleaner unless you've got a mess in there, in which case you probably won't be able to clean it anyway. needle nose pliers always come in handy and a very small flat screw driver for putting the springs in. i'm pretty sure the 1/4" wrench has to be a 12 point, the 6 point won't work.

    i always like some liquid patience to....


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      thanks fubar

      Thanks alot . I made a mental note.

      God Bless America


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        Get sythetic fluid you will thank yourself for the little extra money 5 years from now when your rearend still functions.