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    Got solid rear axles with the air locker I am trying to get the axles out are there c clips in the dif I thought you just pulled on them and out they came. never did an AMC OR ARB AIR LOCKER. Any ideas ?????????????

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    I quoted Youn6372 for you. It explains pretty good how to get them out.

    Originally posted by youn6372 View Post
    1. Jack and support rear end on jack stands. Block front wheels.
    2. Remove Differential cover and drain oil.
    3. Remove Tire
    4. Remove all brake parts and the drums (you will have to remove brake lines and cap the line ends)
    5. Unbolt the brake backing plates from the axle shaft and REMOVE the 4bolts.
    6. Label the backing plates Left & Right
    7. Remove two piece axles / bearings and backing plates as a whole assembly - you don't need a hub puller.
    8. Clean axle shafts and remove old oil seals from the shafts.
    9. Cut the races of the original bearings with a grinder or a pair of dykes. You don't need them anymore and it eliminates the need for a hub puller.
    10. After original bearings have been cut off slide backing plates off original axels. Original axles are now trash.
    11. Press or screw in new wheel studs to new axles. This depends on the kind of kit. I used a 20ton press for this.
    12. Press bearings (remember to pack them first), spacers, outer oil seal plate, and backing plates on new axles. Follow directions that came w/ the axles. Note to the backing plates on the correct way (brake spring pin facing out) to the correct axle shafts, the shafts are different lengths depending on the side.
    13. Insert new oil seal into each axle.
    14. Carefully slide new solid axles into shafts, bolt to shafts I forget the correct TQ.
    15. Put brake assembly (springs, self adjusters, pads, lines, etc...) back together, Left and right. When fully assembled remember to bleed the brake lines. * Good time to clean or install new pads or parts.
    16. Reinstall differential cover, a new gasket would be nice. And refill with oil.
    17. Put tires back on.

    This is what I recall. I've done this on a few CJs for friends. Should take about two hours. It always takes me about eight hours...ha ha. If I have forgotten or misspelled anything, I'm sure some troll on this site will correct me.

    Good Luck.