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  • Steering swap

    hey all... after looking and searching for threads or information on changing a manual to power steering system, I've found none. I've seen some out there but .. duh!! forgot to save them.. or remember where they are.. could you please point me in that direction.

    Tranny and transfer, steering and power booster going in within 3 weeks and then... road ready... time to play....

    Thank you for any help

    78cj5/258/t150. etc, etc, etc

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    You're best bet is to find a power steering set up from, or made for, a CJ.
    reasons for this are:

    1: You get everything you need, gearbox and gearbox brackets (PS has 4 mounting holes, manual box has 3), pump, hoses and brackets.

    2: The CJ gearbox is valved different (slower) than other Saginaw boxes.

    3: Everything will bolt right in, no fabbing needed.

    That said, alot of Saginaw boxes will fit the CJ, I'm running a '97 ZJ PS box on my CJ. It has only 3 mounting holes, vs the CJ PS box with 4. I had to fab a mounting bracket. It's a faster box, so my stering is quick! And a little squirrely. I'm getting ued to it, and putting a damper on.

    And there are 2 style hoses, mine are the 'O-ring' (newer) style, and I was able to use my stock CJ pump and hoses with the ZJ box. Something to think about if you start gathering parts from different vehicles.


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      Don't forget the steering shaft. The number of splines is different for power vs. manual and I think the diameter of the shaft is different as well.


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        You dont have to replace the whole shaft under the hood. The shaft is the same, its just the coupling at the box that is different. Its just a real pain with the bigger box and the hoses trying to get it in there. Just take your time.


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          you can get all of it on ebay for about $100


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            what size tires do you eventually intend on running?