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  • Could really use some advice!

    Hey guys brand new to the forum with no idea in what direction to go. I was hoping that some of you could point me in the right one. I have had my 1984 CJ7 Jeep for 14 years which it has sat for the last 7 in the driveway. I have neglected her pretty bad with no top on taking in all the rain and weather. I have some rust problems some engine issues and some tranny problems. I have gotten the itch to get her back together when I lost the bid on a fixer upper 1967 Camaro. I wanted to work on something so the Jeep is going to be it. I dont want a rock climber just something for pavement. This is where I need help.

    First Question:
    I have a buddy that has a 1997-98 350 with automatic Tranny out of a Trans Am. Do you think I will have luck bolting that thing in? Currently I6 in it. I want to take off the fuel injection and run carb. If you guys think this will work where do I need to look for adaptors, motor mounts ect...

    Second Question:
    Since the Jeep has been sitting so long I was thinking of pulling off the body and trying to clean up the rust. Plus I thought this would make it easier to work on the engine and tranny. I am not a great mechanic but have friends if I run into problems. Would it take alot of effort to take the body off?

    Third and Last Question:
    Would you guys have any advice for someone who is about to take on this type of project? Good websites, other forums or just some tips?

    Thanks Guys! Really appreciate the feedback.
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    Not as pretty as a camaro but you will be able to do a lot more with it than admire it in the driveway.
    First off, me I am a purest. Give me an AMC motor anyday. I would fix the original up or put and AMC V-8 in there. As for sites, you landed on a good one for what you are going to do. Another for AMC engines is, also they have some CJ people overthere that can give you advice on this project, there are some guys on who could help.
    First expect to spend a good chunk of cash. Don't forget about the little things that stop a project like body bushings, brake parts. Now, you mentioned it has been sitting for 7 years, I would at this point figure you have to replace any rubber part on it. Taking the body off to do work on it is the best bet. It will also give you a chance to clean the frame and prep it for POR-15. I would pull the motor after you got the body off, good chance you will have to replace the springs, don't forget new brake and fuel lines, yours are probibly rusted.
    Was the camaro a convertible? My brother has a restored RS convertible he keeps in a garage, doesn't drive it. Very nice.


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      Lostone thanks for the info.

      Whats a chunk of cash? haha Dont scare me now! Where do you think most of the money will go towards the engine installation or rubber replacements on everything?


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        Originally posted by TJ0214
        Lostone thanks for the info.

        Whats a chunk of cash? haha Dont scare me now! Where do you think most of the money will go towards the engine installation or rubber replacements on everything?
        You will spend more money than you will ever recover out of it. Expecially now with the gas crunch going on. However, you will get a huge amount of enjoyment out of this vehicle. PM me your email address and I will send an .xls of what it took for mine. Then you can figure what you have to replace and what you can afford to replace. I am currently doing said act on my trail rig.
        As for what parts you need, only you can tell that because only you can touch it. But when you find out what parts you need this will give you a quicker guess than looking up each and every part. Then when you decide what you can get you just look it up to get the current price. Plus it might just jog you about replacing something that you might have missed thus setting your project back, and that really sucks.
        But if I told you what I put out for all of the stuff I put on my jeep you would

        We got a few restorers on this site. Check out some of the CJ's in the Members Rides.