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  • HEI, carb, manifolds 258 I6

    Well, for lack of a better reason, I have given the government an interest-free loan over the past year, and will be getting that money back in a few weeks, so I have decided to spend at least some of it on the jeep. I'm thinking HEI, new carb, new intake and exhaust manifolds, and new muffler/tailpipes. The manifolds and back basically because they look like garbage, and would like to upgrade to get better performance with the carb and HEI. Currently everything is stock 258 CID I6. Any recommendations, or better, anything to avoid? Thanks, Alex

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    Hey Alex, I just installed the HEI dizzy, (part # DA12 from our host) and couldn't be happier! I also swapped to an MC2100 carb. Tons of info online about both upgrades. I'm getting everything dialed in, and so far it's running great!

    There is also the TFI and 'stealth HEI' upgrade to consider. either one is hard to do, or expensive. Butfor $150, went with a new HEI dizzy, made fr the 258, dropped right in.

    I avoided the Webber carb upgrade, it seems like everyone was running rich and having a hard time getting it set right. Did a lot of reserch on both, and went with the 2100.

    What year Jeep? And do you need to pass emisions?

    With a carb dizzy upgrade/swap, you can eliminate the ECU and wiring for it on later Jeeps. '81 and earlier don't have the ECU.

    I also bought a front pipe (stock, OEM replacement) from our host, great quality, perfect bends/shape.

    Good luck! HB


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      I'll Agree With Hill Bill E...stay Away From The Weber Carb. I Made The Mistake Years Ago And Have Never Gotten It Right. I Know There Is The Mc2100 Or Edelbroke Even Makes A Replacement That I Haven't Heard Bad Things About.
      When I Replaced The Exhaust On Mine, I Went With Hedman Headers And Re-did My Exhaust With A Dual System All The Way Back With Glass-packs Instead Of Mufflers. I Was Amazed At The Hp Boost. And It Doesn't Sound Bad At All...sounds Like A Beast.
      I'm In The Process Of Upgrading To An Hei The One With Our Host Here Part#da12...looks Like It'll Be A Great Upgrade... Good Luck..


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        Im looking to switch carbs too I think. Is that needed to disconnect the ECU? I have an 84 cj7 258. Dont need to pass emissions either.


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          Originally posted by Firebeane121 View Post
          Im looking to switch carbs too I think. Is that needed to disconnect the ECU? I have an 84 cj7 258. Dont need to pass emissions either.

          No, a carb swap is not required to bypass the ECU. A lot of guys do it at the same time, but it's not necessary. The Carter is a good carb but the MC2100 runs better when the Jeep is of camber, like going along a side hill or up and down steep hills.

          I had an older Carter (non ECU) and it would stall out if I got the Jeep nose down to far, then it wouldn't start, and usually flood.


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            ok, I figured as much but wanted to check. Thanks


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              i have also been considering the hei switch, does anyone have experience with the offenhouser intake and possibly a 450 cfi holley carb.


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                Take that money and invest in fuel injection. I did mine last Turkey day weekend and it's the best money I have spent on my Jeep. Pretty easy install too. Throttle response is awesome and cold start ups are a breeze.



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                  So what's a guy to do????
                  The only intake manifold offered by our sponsor that allows for a 4 barrel carb is the offenhouser, which states that it will not work with power brakes, because the booster is in the way. So I called and yep, that is the case, and nope, they don't offer any other manifolds that allow for a 4 barrel carb upgrade. So, if I have power brakes, am I limited to a 2 barrel carb upgrade?

                  And let's say everything about my exhaust manifold is functional, and I just want to make it not look quite so much like rusted garbage (I'm thinking wire-wheel, maybe some media-blasting, new gasket) can someone recommend a paint for it? Thanks, Alex


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                    Clifford performace. They have 4 barrell intakes.


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                      I'm with High5 on the fuel injection suggestion...(Check the Howell kits, Doc.)

                      I think they got hi-temp manifold paint on the 4WD site. If not, try Eastwood. They got good stuff.