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  • T-176 bearing replacement

    is it as much work to replace the bearing on the input shaft as the manual makes it out to be...the manual says you need a special tool to drive the shaft out from the cluster gear before you even take off the front housing...i was told by a fellow that it can be done easier than this...can it?

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    The tool is great to borrow or purchase but...

    If the bearing is not good, mine was siezed to the clutch shaft also, there are other ways to remove it.

    I used a soft drift tapping lightly from the inside of the tranny case until I was able to get some flat stock under the snap ring. Then I tapped the clutch shaft back in and repeated the process until it was out. When I got it out far enough I sliced the bearing with a Dremel wheel and broke the bearing apart and it fell out.

    Ugly but it got 'er done.


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      thanks for the tip John, i'll be putting it to use, hopefully before the Jamboree at Tellico this year...gotta get another car so that'll cut into my hand fulls of cash thrown randomly yet often at the jeep funds