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  • Carter running rich?

    The Ugly 83 idles sweet, revs well, and timing is set properly. Idle mixture is set, Nutter bypass is complete, and new high-performance ignition system is working great. The problem is that it still bogs down when I up-shift. Is there an adjustment to be made in the carb, or is it time to junk the Carter BBD and go with something else?

    EFI is too pricey, but was wondering if anybody knew anything about the Interco carb that 4WD is carrying.

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    Go to your local scrap yard and find a nice Motorcraft 2100 series carb, toss a good rebuild kit in it, get the adaptor and fab some linkage. You'll love it.

    I bought the kit from the guy on ebay. Good kit, a bit pricey, but I don't have any salvage yards local.

    The Ford carb works so much better IMHO!


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      That is generally caused by the accelerator pump not working well on the carb. You can get a carb kit and replace the pump. However, the BBD is probably the worst carb ever made....I would shoot for something else if you've got a few bucks. The 2100 works well but the conversion is a little difficult as the adapter plate doesn't fit well and leaves a big vacuum leak that you have to deal with. If you go to the 2100 you'll need a heat riser gasket with regular gaskets on both sides.