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  • Orville Products CJ5 Steel Hardtop??????

    Does anyone know anything about a hardtop for a CJ5 made by Orville Products, Inc.?

    I bought a parts jeep that has this top on it. The top needs repainted, but is in great condition rust-wise.

    It is a steel top with steel doors and fits on a 1977 CJ5.
    It has roll down windows.
    It requires special hood hinges, as the top of the door hinges from there. (Could use another set of those hinges) There are also extra body plates mounted on over the original windshield frame on both sides of the windsheild. The top and the extra plates hold thwe windsheild in a more straight up and down angle.

    It has a sticker with the Jeep logo, Orville Products, Inc. and a serial number.

    Google search for Orville Products doesn't bring up anything.

    I was under the impression that Jeep didn't put tops on the 86-73 Cj5s but this is definately a 1977 jeep. I plan to transfer it to my 1980.

    Any clues would be helpful.

    I just found a top on eBay that looks very similiar. Same window configuration.
    The auction says that it is for a Willy's CJ5 but doesn't specify any year range.
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    Hate to be the one who gives you the bad news.......

    That top is from an older jeep.
    The reason your windshield is more straight up and down is because that is how the earlier jeeps were made.


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      I'm okay with the older top. Jeep didn't put a top on the 1980 CJ5, so anything I put on it will vary from original equipment.

      The mounting panels and hardware appear to be "factory" made, so there's been no bad modifications made to adapt to the '77 CJ5.

      Won't know for sure until we pull it off, but it appears that the only modification will be to drill 8 holes in my windshield frame. If it proves to be more involved, I'll keep the windshield off the '77 and trade windshield and all when I want a top change. The windshield on the '77 is its original windshield and everything bolts up nicely. 1977 should be the same as the 1980, right?

      Curious about the history and dating of this top, but still can't find anything on Orville products. Koening made one similiar, but the door hinge mounts are very different.


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        yahoo rules!

        Orrville Products Inc. - Sheet Metal Fabricators in Orrville, OH

        heres a yellowpages link with the contact info:

        and heres a link on early jeep hardtops mentiong Koenig Iron Works in Texas:
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          I had an Orville top from my 79 CJ5


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            Here's mine...not sure who made this one....its on a 77 cj5


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              Captain.....Thanks for the links. At the bottom of the one page is a link that goes to pictures of the Orrville top on a jeep. I've tried to call the number from the yellow pages, but haven't gotten through yet. It is a working number and I get a recording, just haven't made the right time of day yet.

              The labels posted are just like the one on this top.

              Haven't taken the top off the '77 yet. Been working on the other things I can use from it. Between my '80 CJ5 and '85 CJ7, I'm able to use all kinds of little parts. May get to the swap this weekend.

              Anybody need a 1977, 258, 3 speed? Will still be good stuff left when I'm done.


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                So what you are telling me is that the only thing this company changed was the mount on the front windshields for the narrower ones later?

                That top is the exact same top as my dad has for his 64. And I know that one has the older windshield.


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                  Got through to the number for Orrville Products in a round about way.

                  Got a different business that has their old phone number and they were able to give me another number. It was for a steel fabrication planat that makes stove pipe. The guy I talked to said they bought out Orrville before his time and knew nothing about Jeep tops.

                  Someone had welded the windshield hinges, so we had to grind the welds to get the door mounts separated. This weekend we will get the side panels off and know for sure how it all goes together.

                  It's kind of hard to adaquately describe, so I will post some pictures this weekend.


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                    Mine comes with a seperate bracket that bolts to windshield and takes up the space between the door and the windshield.


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                      I'm going to try to post a picture of that panel. Hope this shows up.

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                        Does anyone know what I can use to re-line the window channels?

                        The original material is almost totally gone and there is a lot of side to side movement to the windows. Definately need to do something with it before I put it on the '80.


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                          My 79 hardtop had those parts also.
                          And these:
                          Hinges and stuff


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                            Great picture, John.

                            We have been making some assumptions so far because we haven't taken the panels off yet.

                            My '80 goes into the shop tomorrow, so am going to wait to get it back before removing the top from the '77. Want to make sure everything fits right, then I'll take it back off to paint.


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                              I've got a '79 Orville Hardtop I'm putting on my '83 CJ5 but I am missing those windshield to door filler plates. Anyone have a set they would like to sell? Even if I could get a pattern so I could build a set.Looks like they would have to be bent up as 2 pieces and spot welded together.