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  • cj front cage

    Hello All,

    I bought the smittybilt front cage kit that welds to the existing roll bar but it interferes with some things on the dash. What all can i do to move the e-brake and the twist knobs for the windshield to lay down.

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    I just replaced the twist knobs with bolts and took the handle off the e-brake and used washers and nuts to replace it with


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      I have the same problem with my YJ and found a very suitable solution.

      E-Brake handle fix:
      Remove the old handle. You can leave the bracket in there if you like, just get the handle outa there. see the hole that the handle "pluged" into on the ebrake assembly... good... What I did was get some plastic covered cable (the kind dog runs and clothes lines are made of) put the cable through the hole, and make a giant loop with it around the front of the newly installed roll bar. If you left the bracket from the original handle in there you can use the hole in it as a routing point for your cable.

      To disengage the ebrake just pull the cable. Only issues I have is that the original handle had a spring installed to push the cable back to the locked position (so the ebrake will ratchet down) what I found myself having to do was after releasing the ebrake just push the cable back up against the roll cage. It seemed a bit odd at first but now its just second nature.

      Cost on this was about $3 for yellow jacketed cable, and $1 for the connector to join the ends of the cable together.


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        Welcome back Ueland.
        Another option would be to change over to a hand brake.
        If you are out on rocks this could be an avantage.

        And when you get it in.


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          I cut down the length of the stud on the windshield knobs to about 3/4" long since I wanted to retain the look. If you are running factory hard doors you may want to check the clearance for the window crank handle - I wasn't able to roll down/up my windows w/o opening the door. Same for the vent window if your doors have them.

          Color me gone...
          Roll Bar Bound


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            I have the solution for the window cranks on hard doors too, but I'll have to take some pics before I post that one.

            ...maybe tomorow