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  • Looking for Seat Cover Install Tips ?

    My CJ5 has the original seats. I just got Best Top Seat Covers and plan the install them soon. The existing seat covering is falling apart.

    Should I trim off the old vinal cover that is peeling prior to installing these new covers ?

    Maybe remove the entire existing cover ?

    Or do nothing and just cover the existing peeling covers ?

  • #2
    what are they exactly?...are they seat skins or seat covers?...if they're just cover then cover the existing seat with em...if they're skins then cut the old stuff off and hog ring the new ones in like the old ones were


    • #3
      Best Top Covers

      The covers slip over the existing seat covers and are kept sung with string tied taunt under the seat, (no hog rings).

      I was wondering if the existing vynal covers being all cracked would mirror through the new covers, (possibly snagging or ripping the new seat cover ?)


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        You might do the duct tape thing, over the cracks, then just slide the covers over. Or you could just try it to see how it looks. I'll bet that once the covers and some sunshine make the cracks lay down flat, it will look good. I like mine, but didn't have serious cracking.


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          Or try some good spray adhesive to glue the loose stuff down.


          • #6
            i picked up some upholstery tape at the parts store. it seems a little stronger and more flexible than duct tape. taped up the rips and and a few missing pieces and put the seat covers over it. they've been on for over three years and so far are holding up well.