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  • yj soft top compatability

    ok i know some yj and cj parts are interchangeable, but would a yj supertop be a little less noisy, or is it the same design all around? any suggestions would be awesome!

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    Most of the SUpertop kits are the same part for both CJ7's and YJs.

    A YJ stock top can be made to fit a CJ too. As can a TJ top if I remember correctly. Hard doors mostly interchange from '76 to '95 I think (CJ and YJ). I have heard a TJ door can be made to work too, but I've never tried it. JP magazine did a writup on that a while back (been looking for that issue and can't find it yet.)

    Noisy is just a Jeep thing. If your top is installed correctly, it is really not that bad. Mine doesn't flap or anything, and is quite quiet...for an open Jeep with soft doors, noisy tires, exhaust leaks, ratle, squeaks and no interior carpeting at all...

    Some folks say to get the Sailcloth. Other reports say it's the same decibel level. Get what you like.


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      i currently have a YJ top and up until i realized i cant use soft doors with it i loved it...the only thing that would work is to use the YJ hard half doors and uppers...bestop two piece doors leave a big gap at the top...stock CJ doors leave a big open triangle at the top rear of the doors...the center support is too tall and the door openings are squared off at the top...bestop doors fit the shape but aren't tall'd be pretty easy to cut a couple inches off the center bow and put a new seam in the top to tighten it up for me, im switching back to the O.G. Jeep CJ top and is way tougher than the YJ stuff and hands the supertop hardware its *** in a i think it distinguishes the CJ's a bit....i'm getting sick of people asking me if its an "old" YJ or calling it a wrangler after they see the belt rails...snaps two inches down the side holding the top on will bring it into perspective for em and plus they just plain look cool...anyhow its in the works since i got a top and stuff off craigslist for 125$...back to the old school


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        my door are full steel, and i have no soft doors. i will be getting some tubular half doors later on.


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          in that case your good to go if you can find a YJ top with a curve in the top rear of the door opening...i've been unsuccessful so far myself