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  • How much does size really matter (venturis, that is)???

    Okay, so I am pretty sure I have read most of the threads, posts, and other info on making the switch from stock carburetor (258 cid I6, 1 barrel carb) to the MC 2100.
    EVERYONE recommends using 1.08 venturi size.
    Well, I just so happened to get a used carb from someone who was running it on his jeep (258 cid, I6) who recently went to fuel injection. I assumed it was a 1.08 (that's what you get when you assume things). Turns out to be 1.23. So, my question is, he was running it without any problems, do I really need to try to find a carb with 1.08 venturis, or does it really not matter that much? Is there anyone out there who did the upgrade to MC 2100 with a size venturi larger than 1.08, and how is it running for you? (I know I have to replace the intake mainfold to accomodate 2 bbl, and am going to upgrade to HEI.) Thanks in advance, Alex

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    I'm thinking you may experience a bit more difficulty getting it to idle well. Bigger hole means less differential pressure "signal" across the venturi at low air flow rates so the carb won't suck fuel as precisely at idle. If it's idling OK and giving good spark plug color then all is good.


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      If it runs fine, don't sweat it. IIRC, the 1.08 was recommended for milage, the 1.23 for power.