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  • lift and tires for my 78 cj7

    just throwing a question out there on lift and tires. i have a 78 cj7 with a 2in. super lift on it and 32s the thing has a 6 and a 3spd and is my little toyota corolla right now . it gets great gas mileage. the question is can i fit 33s on it with just a littl shackle lift? been looking at the warrior lift shackles. I had a 91 yj with 36 in swampers and had a 4in. lift and a 3in body lift. after that i swore i wouldnt do another body lift. just didnt like the raise of the body off the frame. this is my second jeep and its the first one ive really done all the work too. last time i just had a wad of money and took it to a shop. i have some pics of it just not sure how to post them on here
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    yes 33's will fit... i have ran 33" tires on many CJ's with only a 2 1/2" rancho lift...

    you can add some lift with the shackles and you shouldn't have any trouble...

    just remember that with the longer shackles it adds more side leverage on the frames at the shackle mounting points, so don't go too big.

    I hope it helps...


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      lift and tires

      thanks for the response how about a tire carrier? i dont have a tire carrier on the jeep right now. would u recommend a 33 on a stock cj7 tire carrier? im trying to be on the cheap here . the stock is in the back of the jeep right now . the lady wants me to put a back seat in the jeep so my little boy can ride and we can all ride as a family so there in lies my reason for needing a spare tire carrier. i like the lod offroad unit but dont have the money right now for one so im thinking stock carrier from collins brothers. any suggesstions?


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        gravity woes...

        Lineguy, this is just my opinion, but I think that's too large a tire for the stock CJ carrier. It's just too danged heavy. I think the host has a cheaper carrier now that will bolt to the rear cross member, but that's another of my 'vague' memories. Check out the catalog. And welcome to the board!


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          I personally take the tub mounted tire carriers off and toss them away...

          they just cannot handle the weight of a tire much larger than a 31 or 32"...

          without tearing the tub up anyway....

          what I end up doing is making a new rear bumper.. (and I always replace the rear of the frame with a piece of 4" channel.. the jeep frames are just too weak back there.. real easy to add that piece.. I can send you a write up about how I have done it before if ya like) then I usually make a tire carrier that mounts to the rear bumper... this takes all the stress off the rear of the tub.

          you can buy some bolt on units that can fit your existing stock setup, or with a little enginuity, and time, you can usually make one up pretty cheap, and canibalize the old carrier for some of the parts you would need.


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            tire carrier

            I've had my 32" on the stock carrier for 12 years now. Rattles a bit, but from the recent articles i've read in Jp magazine, so do all the 400-500 dollar commercial tire carriers. I can't justify the expense either. Would love to add the tire carrier to my Durango bumper, but not for $450. Back when I bought my bumpers the carrier was around $300. Steel prices have really gone up!