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  • Hard Start...258 expert?

    For some reason, when I go to start the rig (cold) I takes many
    cranks to get the sucker going. I thought it was the Carter ,
    so I replaced w/ a weber. Same problem. Its like all the feul drains
    back into the tank after sitting overnigth. Choke seems t/b working. Any
    suggestion w/b appriciated.

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    Check your fuel pump, over time the diaphram weakens or gets pin holes in it allowing the fuel to drain back to the tank.


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      Which Weber? 32/36? No more than two turns on that idle speed screw. 38/38? No more than 1 turn on that screw. Any more and you open a transition hole that will let the fuel bowl drain dry.


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        Good suggestions, thanks for the response.
        I would lean toward the fule pump, due to exact symptom w/ both carbs.
        That pump cant have 3k miles on it. I'll check the idle screw on the 38 as well.


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          Originally posted by TomsCJ-7
          Check your fuel pump, over time the diaphram weakens or gets pin holes in it allowing the fuel to drain back to the tank.

          if by fuel pump you mean the power valve that would be new in the new carb so i don't think that's it. i would say look at your choke to see if it needs adjustment or if it's working properly. if it's electric make sure it's getting proper current.

          here's what i would do.

          take the air cleaner cover off. then put a rag over the carb covering it completely. try to start the engine. if it starts, you've got a choke problem. if it doesn't start, spray some starting fluid in it. if it starts then you're not getting fuel. you may also need to look for a vacumn leak that could be allowing air in the intake during startup. if you pump the crap out of the gas pedal it will flood the carb and purge the air out making it start. might seem like you're not getting gas, but you may really be just getting air.

          bad timing can also make an engine hard to start.


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            Nope, was talking about the fuel pump that's attached to the side of the engine and runs off a lobe on the cam. I had a hard time tracking down the same problem on my still factory stock 76 Cherokee with a 258. I had the carb arapt a couple of times and was frustrated beyond belief until a fellow FSJer told me about the fuel pump's diaphram being a possible culprit. I spent the $14 on a new pump, swapped it out and solved the problem - it's been two years and the old Cherokee still starts on the first try.