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  • throwout bearing

    Put my clutch in and everything else back together, and now my clutch is making all kinds of noise. i think it is something wrong with the bearing. its brand new too, but it makes noise with the clutch engaged and disengaged. took it apart again, seems ok. thinking that i may have tweaked it where it mounts to the fork, and that only one part is clipped on...maybe putting the tranny back in. this would make the bearing provide uneven pressure on the press. plate levers. right? the clutch still works and everything, but not too good my friends. it seems like it is contacting one lever all the time, and then when clutch is pressed, all contact, but not evenly. make sense? any help would be appreciated. if i have to take it apart again after putting it back together, AGAIN, i will probably lose my friggin mind. thanks.

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    Grab a good flashlight, yank the rubber boot off, and take a peek?

    But i would imagine it wouldn't work very well with one tong of the fork contacting... would probably bind up, but i dunno for sure. I've never had a throw out bearing make noise all the time, usually only when clutch is released, or only when not released, but that's just my experience.

    Did ya slap a little grease/oil in the pilot bushing with a little bit of sponge to hold extra (sponge not required)?


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      Are you sure you put the clutch in the right way?
      Not sure if the engine would go in this way, but it could cause those problems.
      Like wally said, pull the boot and see if it is binding.
      When you put it in, did it go togeather hard? Could you have put to much pressure on the fork and bent it?


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        Did you use an alignment tool? Pressure plate could be eccentric from clutch causing the interference and noise.


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          throwout bearing

          The throwout bearing rides on the tranny input shaft. I would think it virtually impossible for the bearing to be out of square with the shaft and flywheel. It's got to be the fork or something else.

          Did you resurface or replace the clutch pressure plate? When you torqued the cpp down did the forks look even? Is this the 3-finger cpp or the diaphram?

          You might have a broken or weak spring in the cpp which would cause one or more of the cpp forks to be at the wrong height.

          I'm sure you already know this but the clutch disk is stamped with the words THIS SIDE FLYWHEEL. If it's upside down then the springs in the clutch disk are hitting the forks on the cpp.

          If you have to take it out again and don't have a tranny lift -- get a buddy to help and take your time. Don't be an idiot like me and try to lift the tranny+tcase back in by yourself. I had to do it FIVE times. I was practically in tears (from both joy and the pain in my back) when it clicked in on the final attempt.

          my 2cents
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            Umm, take the the tcase off the transmission next time? (i tried doing both together and it was about 30000000000% harder, and took longer, it's just 5/6 bolts) I figured that out when i had to do it 4 times in one day... then i bought a tranny jack and still take the tcase off of tranny.


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              My first question was also did you use the alignment tool? It will go together out of round so to speak if you dont use it.


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                gonna try to do it tomorrow again...used alignment tool...bearing was fine. ya, should've separated my tcase, and will do that tom. even with my buddy. but gonna chech pp and disc and pilot bearing. i think that maybe the pilot bushing may be messed up. when i took it apart, the bushing fell out of the end of the crank. the new one i had to gently tap in, which wasnt anything like my usual problem of beating stuff in with a BFH. but maybe the pp is messed up?? parts store will get an earfull if it is. but, i am at my wits end here. frustrated beyond belief is what i am. how could something go wrong? there is only like four or five parts!! will let you know what the results of tomorrow investigation are....thanks for your replies...


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                  drinking beer with buddy last night, came to conclusion of bent fork. lowered tranny before shaft out of bearing/fork assembly. ordered new one...then other buddy came over, putting an automatic in his cj for some reason...said i could have his whole belllhousing and his fork...usually works that way......will put back together later this week...sorry for the bad typing, my girlfriend turned 21 today and we just got home....willl let you guys know.....