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  • XJ man sporting a CJ now.

    Ok still have my XJ. We have some family friends that have a farm and somehow the 83cj was left there some time ago and the owner never came back for it. Well the farm land was sold and they are trying to get rid of everything. They have contacted the guys familey they don't want it and said scrap it. HELLLLLLL No! SO Now I have to get this thing going and off the property. 4 flat tires tierod is missing? soft top is old cracked all over and nasty. missing diff cover off the amc20 rear. the inside is gone. as in just wire seats and bench in back. That and I would have to say about 10lbs of mouse droppings ok maybe like 1lb but there is alot. dead dryed up snake under the hood. and it has some custom bird dropping paint job. Sorry no pics yet. digi isn't working again. just sent it off for repairs again. hate that thing.
    has a 4 banger and d300tc d30 and the amc20. Just helped a buddy swap a 4.3 vortec into his so that might be the route I go with down the road. For now I just have to get it off the farm. I have a few months tell it has to be gone.

    Thinking about stripping it all down sanding it. NOt much rust from what I can tell at this point. DO some body work paint it, herculine it, spring over and 33s. That should be a fun good start. the leafs seem to have some spring to them still and aren't that flat. well as of what I can tell at this point. what gears came with the 4bangers with the d300 tcase and d30 front amc20 rear?

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    should be 4.10s, in 83 you could have two different four poppers, the 151 and the 150, both considered 2.5's. If you have the 151 it makes it a breeze to swap in the 4.3 bc they have the same bellhousing pattern. Its also the same as a SBC.


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      How about a before and after pic?


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        well I should get my digi camera back before I move it so I will for sure be taking alot of pics of the whole cleanup restore and build process.

        When we did my buddies swap he stuck with the new tranny out of the s10. I like autos for some reason. delt with sticks for sometime and just sick of it. I might do the same not sure. I don't even know what the fluids are like in this thing or if it has any for that matter. This is going to be a trailor it out type thing. I have two many projects going on in my garage right now that I can only fit one jeep in there at this point. That alone is a tight old fit. I might park this one out at a buddies place. He has a big old workshop perfect for taking about this rig and redoing it. He is an old body work guy so he would help me out with alot of that if needed.


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          Welcome to joy of owning two of the only three real Jeeps made
          Can't wait to see the pics



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            My '81 CJ-7 had the Iron Duke 151 in it originally, but it had 2.80 gears.... Still has 2.80 gears....


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              Welcome to the CJ group.
              I would replace the springs. Sitting that long they are bound to be bad. No since having your new project spoiled by having a spring snap just after completion.
              It is nice to know there are places where jeep can rest and not rust. Up here you find a jeep like that sitting it is rusted so bad it is rot.