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  • Hi temp, poor flow in top hose

    My temp guage is very near hot (only 20-30 degrees now) and my top radiator hose is fairly cool with little flow through. The engine is brand new as is the thermostat. The radiator is probably 25 yrs old. The top 1/4 of the radiator is hot to the touch but the bottom 3/4 of the radiator is cool to the touch. Not sure what temp rating the thermostat is, but how do I get the temp down to a normal range? Any ideas?

    My thoughts: 1) replace the thermostat with a 180 degree version, may either be a high temp one or a bad part. if that doesnt work 2) new radiator.
    thanks in advance,


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    Sounds to me like a bad stat. When you get a new stat, you should "pop" it, in that you push it open, they will "seat" themselves in transit on the sealing surfaces (knife edge on the inside).



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      at 25 years it is time to wrot out the radiator. it cost about $30-45 and makes a world of differance. as for the low flow Stat? but if you change it also recheck your flow so you don't miss a bad pump.
      I had one on a IH that the pump wheel wasn't even attached to the shaft but never leaked. The heater just never got hot.


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        I broke down and bought a new radiator, being delivered tomorrow. I figure its a $ 125 insurance policy on the $4700 I spend on the new engine...

        I think I am getting good flow in that the heater rocks and the top by-pass hose is hot. How else can I check flow?

        Looks like a fun weekend, new stat and new radiator!